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Title:Investment, Illinois State Board of
Website:Illinois State Board of Investment
Contact Name:Johara Farhadieh
Contact Title:Executive Director
Contact Phone:312.793.5718
Contact Comments:
Function:The Board manages the investments of the State Employees’ Retirement System, General Assembly Retirement System, Judges Retirement System, and the Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan.
Term:4 years, and until successor is appointed and qualified
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Qualifications:No member of the board shall have any interest in any brokerage fee, commission or other profit or gain arising out of any investment made by the board. This paragraph does not preclude ownership by any member of any minority interest in any common stock or any corporate obligation in which investment is made by the board.
Composition:9 trustees as follows: - 5 trustees appointed by the Governor - the State Treasurer - the State Comptroller - Chairman of the JRS - Chairman of the GAR
Chair:Elected by the Board biennially
Authority:40 ILCS 5/22A-109

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Attlan, Gisela5/31/20253/29/2019GovernorMemberCook
Frerichs, MikeTreasurerVice ChairIllinois State TreasurerCook
Healy, Terrence 6/1/20248/31/2020GovernorChairCook
Martwick, Sen. RobertChair, General Assembly Retirement System Board of TrusteesMemberState SenatorCook
Mendoza, SusanaComptrollerMemberIllinois State ComptrollerCook
Sanders, Elizabeth6/1/20239/9/2019GovernorMemberLake
Seminara-Schostok, Justice MaryJudges Retirement System Board of TrusteesMemberAppellate Court JusticeLake
Tarnoff, Michael5/31/20253/29/2019GovernorMemberLake
Williams, Jaye7/14/20223/29/2019GovernorMemberCook