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Title:Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Website:Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Contact Name:Tomiko Frierson
Contact Title:Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
Contact Comments:


Function:The Interstate Compact for Juveniles, a new interstate agreement, significantly updates the 50-year-old mechanism for tracking and supervising juveniles that move across state borders. Providing enhanced accountability, enforcement, visibility and communication, the new compact seeks to update a crucial, yet outdated tool for ensuring public safety and preserving child welfare.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:The Interstate Commission shall consist of commissioners appointed by the appropriate appointing authority in each state pursuant to the rules and requirements of each compacting state and in consultation with the State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision created hereunder. The commissioner shall be the compact administrator, deputy compact administrator or designee from that state who shall serve on the Interstate Commission in such capacity under or pursuant to the applicable law of the compacting state.
Authority:45 ILCS 11/10

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Frierson, Tomiko7/29/2016GovernorMemberNone