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Title:Human Rights Commission
Website:Human Rights Commission
Contact Name:Tracey Fleming
Contact Title:Executive Director
Contact Comments:
Function:The Commission adjudicates charges of civil rights violations in employment, housing, public accommodations and financial credit filed with Department of Human Rights.
Term:Of the members first appointed, 4 shall be appointed for a term to expire on the third Monday of January 2021, and 3 (including the Chairperson) shall be appointed for a term to expire on the third Monday of January 2023. Thereafter, each member shall serve for a term of 4 years and until his or her successor is appointed and qualified.
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:No more than 4 from same political party.
Qualifications:Commissioners must meet one of the following qualifications: 1) Licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois; 2) At least 3 years of experience as a hearing officer at the Human Rights Commission; or 3) At least 4 years of professional experience working for or dealing with individuals or corporations affected by this Act or similar laws in other jurisdictions, including but not limited to, experience with a civil rights advocacy group, a fair housing group, a community organization, a trade association, a union, a law firm, a legal aid organization, an employer's human resources department, an employment discrimination consulting firm, a community affairs organization, or a municipal human relations agency.
Compensation:Chairman, $134,342 per year; Members, $127,894 per year
Composition:7 appointed by Governor
Chair:Designated by the Governor
Authority:775 ILCS 5/8-101

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Barreno-Paschall, Barbara1/16/20277/1/2019DemocratGovernorCommissionerCook
Collins, Jacqueline1/16/20274/7/2023OtherGovernorCommissionerNone
Coulson, Elizabeth1/18/20251/29/2021RepublicanGovernorCommissionerCook
Glenn, Janice1/18/20252/5/2021RepublicanGovernorCommissionerCook
Gordon, Demoya1/16/20259/5/2022DemocratGovernorCommissionerBlank
Kouri, Stephen1/16/20254/15/2021RepublicanGovernorCommissionerPeoria
Noriega, Mona1/16/20276/2/2021DemocratGovernorChairCook