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Title:Housing Task Force
Contact Name:Audra Hamernik
Contact Title:Executive Director, Illinois Housing Development Authority
Contact Phone:312.836.5314
Function:The task force shall develop the Annual Comprehensive Housing Plan and make sure that it includes goals for the number and type of housing units to be constructed, rehabilitated and preserved, funding recommendations, recommendations on State actions to promote housing, and specific suggestions and options for local governments and municipalities.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:up to 41 members - 1 member appointed by the President of the Senate - 1 member appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate - 1 member appointed by the Speaker of the House - 1 member appointed by the Minority Leader of the House - 1 representative of the Governor's Office - 1 representative from GOMB - 1 representative from the Lt. Gov’s Office - Executive Director of the Illinois Housing Development - Secretary of DHS - Director of the Department on Aging - Director of DCEO - Director of DCFS - Director of DPH - Director of DHFS - Secretary of DOT - Director of IDHR - Director of IDNR - Director of IDVA - Director of IEPA - Governor may appoint a representative of the IIRA - Governor may appoint a representative of HUD - Governor may appoint a representative of USDA - Governor appoints up to 18 members - 18 housing experts, proportional representation of rural, suburban, and urban areas
Chair:IHDA Executive Director and vice chair will be housing expert not from gov’t sector
Authority:310 ILCS 110/5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Baker, DianeGovernorMemberNone
Baldwin, JohnIDOCMember
Benito, Betsy12/20/2011GovernorMemberCook
Blankenhorn, Randall S. StatuteEx-Officio, Designee, Department of TransportationNone
Bonhoff, JeanStatuteEx-Officio, Director or designee, Department on AgingNone
Brady, Sen. Bill RepublicanSenate Minority LeaderMemberState SenatorNone
Callahan, ColleenGovernorMember, USDA RepresentativeUSDA-Rural DevelopmentNone
Clements, AllisonGovernorMemberNone
Cullerton, Sen. JohnSenate PresidentMemberSen.None
Curda, StevenStatuteEx-Officio, Director or designee, Department of Veterans' AffairsNone
Dimas, JamesIDHSMember
Dinges, George12/7/2007GovernorMemberSangamon
Durkin, Rep. JohnHouse Minority LeaderMemberRep.None
Firfer, NancyGovernorMember, USDA RepresentativeNone
Galvan, JosephGovernorMember, HUD RepresentativeHUD
Glenn, JaniceStatuteEx-Officio, Director, Department of Human RightsNone
Goetz, MichaelGovernorMemberNone
Grossinger, Robert12/7/2007GovernorVice ChairCook
Hamernick, AudraStatuteChair, Ex-Officio, Executive Director, Illinois Housing Development AuthorityNone
Harris, ScottStatuteEx-Officio, representative of GOMBNone
Hill, JenniferGovernorMemberNone
Hirsch, DavidGovernorMemberNone
Hollenback, Brian11/1/2004GovernorMemberRock Island
Hosten, PeterGovernorMemberNone
Keating, MaryGovernorMemberNone
Madigan, Rep. MichaelSpeaker of the HouseNone
McCarthy, SeanStatuteEx-Officio, Director, Department of Commerce and Economic OpportunityNone
Messina, AlecStatuteEx-Officio, Director or designee, Environmental Protection AgencyNone
Mueller, HeidiIDJJMember
Neary, DaveGovernorMemberNone
Norwood, FeliciaStatuteEx-Officio, Director, Department of Healthcare and Family ServicesSangamon
Robertson, WilliamIEMAMember
Rosenthal, WayneEx-officioEx-Officio, Director, Department of Natural ResourcesDirector's designeeNone
Salazar, Eloy11/1/2004GovernorMemberLake
Sanguetti, EvelynLt. GovernorMember, Representative of Lt. Governor's officeNone
Schneider, BryanStatuteEx-OfficioSecretary, IDFPRNone
Shah, NiravStatuteEx-Officio, Director or designee, Department of Public HealthNone
Snyderman, Robin11/1/2004GovernorMemberCook
Struthers, Cynthia12/1/2007GovernorMember, IIRA RepresentativeMcDonough
VACANTGovernorMember, Representative of Governor's OfficeNone
Walker, Beverly StatuteEx-Officio, Director or designee, Department of Children and Family ServicesNone
Wiehardt, Kevin12/20/2011GovernorMemberMcDonough