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Title:Hospital Licensing Board
Website:Hospital Licensing Board
Contact Name:Elaine Huddleston
Contact Phone:217-782-0386
Contact Comments:
Function:The Board approves all rules, regulations, standards, and policy statements proposed by the Department of Public Health concerning establishment, operation, and licensure of Illinois hospitals.
Term:3 years, beginning July 1 of staggered odd-numbered years.
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:Governor considers recommendations from related professional organizations.
Composition:14 appointed by Governor - 4 representatives of general public (2 from hospital governing boards) - 1 registered professional nurse or advanced practice nurse - 3 hospital administrators actively engaged in supervision or administration of hospitals - 2 practicing physicians, licensed to practice medicine in all branches - 1 licensed to practice podiatric medicine - 1 dentist. Secretary, Department of Human Services, or designee, serves on the board along with 1 additional representative of Department of Human Services to be designated by secretary
Chair:Elected by the Board at first meeting of the year
Authority:210 ILCS 85/10

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Antonacci, Jayne8/22/2017StatuteMember DHS SecretaryNone
Belani, Kishore6/30/20201/1/2005GovernorMember, DentistKane
Brick, Lyndean6/30/20181/1/2005GovernorChair, Member, Governing BoardWill
Cummings, Gabrielle6/30/202511/6/2019GovernorMember, AdministratorLake
Cunningham, Mark (Ed)6/30/20192/3/2017GovernorMember, AdministratorColes
Girardy, James 6/30/20201/24/2014GovernorMember, Governing BoardWinnebago
Goyal, Gagandeep6/30/20261/20/2023GovernorMember, PhysicianWoodford
Hughes, Brad11/3/2016DHSMember, DHS Secretary DesigneeDoctorNone
Kolb, Matthew 6/30/20239/23/2022GovernorMember, AdministratorBlank
Landers, Kimberly Ann6/30/20191/24/2014GovernorMember, General PublicMacon
Smith Jr., Charli6/30/20225/14/2021GovernorMember, PhysicianWilliamson
Tee, Kim K. 6/30/20248/17/2018GovernorMember, PodiatristDoctorCook
VACANT6/30/20219/2/2021GovernorMember, General PublicBlank