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Title:Higher Education, Board of
Contact Name:Cindy Deitsch
Contact Title:Secretary to the Board
Contact Phone:217.557.7380
Function:The Board is the policy making, coordinating, and budgetary authority for Illinois public higher education prepares master plan for development, expansion, and utilization of public higher education facilities, and the curricula and standards in areas of teaching, research, and public services; establishes minimum admission standards.
Term:6 years, and until successor has been appointed
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:No more than 7 from the same political party, excluding the Chair
Qualifications:Illinois citizens knowledgeable or experienced in higher education problems.
Composition:16 voting members: 12 appointed by the Governor, including: - 9 public members* ; - 1 public university faculty member* ; - 1 representing a public university governing board; - 1 representing a private university governing board; 4 other members including: - Chairman of the Illinois Community College Board; - Chairman of the Illinois Student Assistance Commission; - 1 student member selected by recognized advisory committee of students of the Board of Higher Education; - 1 non-traditional student member selected by recognized advisory committee of students of the Board of Higher Education *Senate confirmation required
Chair:Designated by the Governor
Authority:110 ILCS 205/2

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bergman, Jay1/31/20195/14/2011RepublicanGovernorMember, Public MemberWill
Buice, Emily6/30/20199/15/2018Board of Higher Ed Student Advisory CommitteeMember, Student MemberJackson
Coffey, Max1/31/20211/11/2016RepublicanGovernorMember, Public MemberColes
Cross, Tom1/31/20192/29/2016GovernorChair, Public MemberKendall
Jacobs, Alice Marie1/31/20215/25/2015RepublicanGovernorMember, Public MemberVermilion
Lopez, LazaroStatuteMember, Illinois Community College BoardCook
Luu, Truong6/30/20199/15/2018Board of Higher Ed Student Advisory CommitteeMember, Non-traditional Student MemberMcLean
Rivera, Santos1/31/20195/14/2011DemocratGovernorMember, Public MemberCook
Thomas, Jack1/31/20214/4/2016DemocratGovernorMember, Public MemberMcDonough
VACANT1/30/2023OtherGovernorMember, Private University RepresentativeNone
VACANT1/31/2023DemocratGovernorMember, Public MemberNone
VACANT1/29/2019OtherGovernorMember, Public MemberNone
VACANT1/31/2023IndependentGovernorMember, Public MemberNone
VACANT1/31/20214/18/2016RepublicanGovernorMember, Public University Faculty MemberChampaign
VACANT6/28/2023OtherGovernorMember, Public University RepresentativeNone
Zarnikow, EricStatuteMember, Illinois Student Assistance CommissionNone