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Title:Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Website:Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
Contact Name:Gia Orr
Contact Title:Director Legislative Affairs and Community Relations
Contact Phone:312.793.5900
Contact Comments:
Function:The Commission provides legal assistance to mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, and physically handicapped; investigates complaints of violations of mental health and disability laws by service providers; arranges guardianship for adults incapable of managing their own personal or financial affairs. The Commission shall annually elect a Chairman. 6 members constitute a quorum.
Term:3 years.  Terms ending June 30, beginning on July 1, and until successor is appointed.  A member may serve a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. 
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Composition:11 appointed by the Governor. 1 (at least) 60 years of age.
Chair:Elected by the Board for 1-year terms at 1st meeting of the year
Authority:20 ILCS 3955/3

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bennett, Thomas6/30/20251/24/2020GovernorMemberFord
Carroll, Jonathan6/30/202111/15/2019GovernorMemberCook
Davis, William6/30/20238/8/2016GovernorMemberCook
Dew, Donald6/30/202410/9/2020GovernorMemberNone
Eisenhart, Kathryn6/30/20221/21/2020GovernorMemberSangamon
Kennelly, Mary6/30/202211/15/2019GovernorMemberMorgan
Morrison, Sen. Julie6/30/20233/15/2021GovernorMemberLake
Rothert, Anthony6/30/20138/29/2008GovernorChairMadison
Schleifer, Andrea6/30/20096/20/2008GovernorVice ChairCook
Stewart, Ava George6/30/20258/5/2022GovernorMemberBlank
Williams, Sonni Choi6/30/202110/2/2020GovernorMemberWill