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Title:Rural Affairs Council, Governor's
Function:To formulate a comprehensive policy for rural development and enhance the quality of life in rural Illinois
Senate Confirmation:No
Compensation:Not specified
Composition:25 members -- Lt. Gov. serves as chairperson -- Membership includes one representative from each of the following non-profits -- Illinois Agricultural Association -- Rural Partners -- Membership also includes one representative from each of the following governmental agencies: -- Department on Aging -- Department of Agriculture -- Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity -- Department of Employment Security -- Department of Human Services -- Department of Natural Resources -- Department of Public Health -- Department of Transportation -- Environmental Protection Agency -- Community College Board -- State Board of Education -- University of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service -- Housing Development Authority -- Southern Illinois University -- Institute for Rural Affairs at WIU -- Illinois Finance Authority Governor appoints up to 6 citizen members as required to increase membership to a total of no more than 25 members.
Authority:Executive Order 2011-4

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Alvarado, FranciscoExecutive OrderMember, DHSNone
Ardrey, David6/2/2021GovernorMemberNone
Baren, RobertExecutive OrderMember, Department of AgricultureNone
Bell, WendyExecutive OrderMember, DCEONone
Benson, Chris6/21/2022Executive OrderMember, ISBE None
Bieneman, Holly Executive OrderMember, IDOTNone
Davis, ChristineExecutive OrderMember, IEPANone
Hammond, MollyExecutive OrderMember, Rural PartnersNone
Hampton-Knodle, Heather8/26/2011GovernorMemberMontgomery
Jones, DonExecutive OrderMember, IDPHNone
Kessel, LauraExecutive OrderMember, Southern IL UniversityNone
Lulich, AmyExecutive OrderMember, Department on AgingNone
Matherly, BrendaExecutive OrderMember, Illinois Agricultural AssociationNone
Merrett, ChristopherExecutive OrderMember, WIU - IIRANone
Nelson, LavonExecutive OrderMember, ICCBNone
Pluta, BillExecutive OrderMember, IHDANone
Reece, Sonja9/21/2015GovernorMemberRandolph
Silvis, AnneExecutive OrderMember, UI-ExtensionNone
Stratton, JulianaExecutive OrderChairLt. GovernorNone
VACANTExecutive OrderMember, Illinois Finance AuthorityNone
VACANTExecutive OrderMember, DNRNone
VACANTExecutive OrderMember, IDESNone
Walzer, Norman2/21/2020GovernorMemberDeKalb