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Title:Fire Fighting Medal of Honor Committee
Website:Fire Fighting Medal of Honor Committee
Contact Name:Robin Sudduth
Contact Title:Administrative Assistant II, State Fire Marshal
Contact Phone:217.558.6743
Contact Comments:
Function:The Committee is responsible for developing an annual award program to recognize fire fighters who were killed, seriously hurt, or displayed exceptional bravery or heroism in the line of duty; working with fire-fighting organizations in state to designing, develop, and procure a Fire Fighting Medal of Honor; selecting an appropriate date or occasion for presentation
Term:Fire Chiefs - 2 years; Other appointed positions – 1 year
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:10 members: 8 appointed by Governor: 3 fire chiefs from other than Chicago (Chief); 3 representatives of statewide fire-fighter organization (FFO); 2 retired IL fire fighters (Retired FF); State Fire Marshal; Chief, Chicago Fire Department.
Authority:20 ILCS 3985/3001

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bishop, Jay8/31/20192/11/2016GovernorMember, Retired FirefighterSangamon
Clemens, Tim8/31/20192/1/1997GovernorChair, Retired FirefighterCook
Dade, Kent Demond8/31/202111/18/2020GovernorMember, Representative of a firefighter organizationAdams
Ford, RichardStatuteChief of the Chicago Fire DepartmentNone
Fortuna, Daniel8/31/20181/1/2005GovernorMember, Representative of a firefighter organizationCook
Freeman, Thomas8/13/201910/1/2008GovernorMember, Fire ChiefDuPage
Grady, James8/13/201812/1/1999GovernorMember, Representative of a fire fighter organizationWill
Kenny, Tracy8/31/20212/25/2020GovernorMember, Fire ChiefCook
Perez, MatthewStatuteEx-OfficioNone
Welle, Rick8/31/20191/1/2005GovernorMember, Fire ChiefMadison