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Title:Fire Advisory Commission, Illinois
Website:Illinois Fire Advisory Commission
Contact Name:Andrea Klees
Contact Title:Administrative Assistant to the State Fire Marshal
Contact Phone:217-558-0638
Contact Comments:
Function:The Commission advises State Fire Marshal on fire protection, investigation, and prevention and other duties required by law.
Term:3 years, expiring the third Monday in January or until successor is appointed
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:18 members: 10 appointed by the Governor. (Governor designates chair); 3 professional full-time paid firefighters; 1 volunteer firefighter; 1 registered fire protection engineer; 1 representative of a registered United States Department of Labor apprenticeship program primarily instructing in the installation and repair of fire extinguishing systems 1 representative of fire insurance industry in Illinois; 3 knowledgeable about fire protection methods; Chicago Fire Commissioner, or designee; Executive officer of designee of each of the following: Illinois Fire Chiefs Association; Illinois Fire Protection District Association; Illinois Fire Inspectors Association; Illinois Professional Firefighters Association; Illinois Fireman’s Association; Associated Firefighters of Illinois; Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors; Fire Service Institute - University of Illinois.
Chair:Appointed by the Governor
Authority:20 ILCS 2905/3

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Albert, Les1/20/20209/9/2016GovernorMember, Knowledge of fire prevention methodsFayette
Collins, Thomas1/15/20244/30/2021GovernorMember, Representative of a registered United States Department of Labor apprenticeship program primarily instructing in the installation and repair of fire extinguishing systemsCook
Connors, Shawn1/18/20211/8/2013GovernorChair, Professional, full-time paid firefighterWinnebago
de Vries, David1/20/20209/8/2017GovernorMember, Fire Protection EngineerNone
Dillon, MichaelStatuteMember, IL Assoc. of Fire Protection DistrictsWill
DiTola, Christine1/15/20247/13/2021GovernorMember, Volunteer firefighterNone
Ericksen, Glenn1/21/20198/10/2018GovernorMember, Interest in and Knowledgeable about Fire Prevention MethodsNone
Janozik, JackStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Inspector's AssociationNone
Keiken, JamesStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Service InstituteNone
Knoll, Greg StatuteMember, Illinois Professional Firefighters AssociationLake
Krupp, Roger1/21/20192/11/2016GovernorMember, Representative of the Fire Insurance Industry in IllinoisNone
Nance-Holt, AnnetteStatuteMemberChicago Fire CommissionerNone
Phillips, Thomas1/15/20242/22/2021GovernorMember, licensed operating or stationary engineer who has an associate degree in facilities engineering technology Cook
Riley, Luther1/17/202211/25/2019GovernorMember, Professional, full-time paid firefighterCook
Rivera, Ryan1/15/20242/3/2021GovernorMember, Knowledge of Fire Prevention MethodsCook
Shoevlin, DonaldStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Chief's AssociationNone
Steker, Nicholas1/21/20192/20/2013GovernorMember, Professional, full-time paid firefighterCook
Sullivan, ChuckStatuteMember, Assoc. of Fire Fighters of ILNone
Swan, JohnStatuteMember, Illinois Firefighters AssociationHenry
Thompson, BrianStatuteMember, Illinois Society of Fire Service InstructorsKane