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Title:Fire Advisory Commission, Illinois
Website:Illinois Fire Advisory Commission
Contact Name:Andrea Klees
Contact Title:Administrative Assistant to the State Fire Marshal
Contact Phone:217-558-0638
Contact Comments:
Function:The Commission advises State Fire Marshal on fire protection, investigation, and prevention and other duties required by law.
Term:3 years, expiring the third Monday in January or until successor is appointed
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:18 members: 10 appointed by the Governor. (Governor designates chair); 3 professional full-time paid firefighters; 1 volunteer firefighter; 1 registered fire protection engineer; 1 representative of a registered United States Department of Labor apprenticeship program primarily instructing in the installation and repair of fire extinguishing systems 1 representative of fire insurance industry in Illinois; 3 knowledgeable about fire protection methods; Chicago Fire Commissioner, or designee; Executive officer of designee of each of the following: Illinois Fire Chiefs Association; Illinois Fire Protection District Association; Illinois Fire Inspectors Association; Illinois Professional Firefighters Association; Illinois Fireman’s Association; Associated Firefighters of Illinois; Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors; Fire Service Institute - University of Illinois.
Chair:Appointed by the Governor
Authority:20 ILCS 2905/3

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Albert, Les1/20/20209/9/2016GovernorMember, Knowledge of fire prevention methodsFayette
Connors, Shawn1/18/20211/8/2013GovernorChair, Professional, full-time paid firefighterWinnebago
de Vries, David1/20/20209/8/2017GovernorMember, Fire Protection EngineerNone
Dillon, MichaelStatuteMember, IL Assoc. of Fire Protection DistrictsWill
Earl, GregStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Chief's AssociationNone
Ericksen, Glenn1/21/20198/10/2018GovernorMember, Interest in and Knowledgeable about Fire Prevention MethodsNone
Ford, RichardStatuteMemberChicago Fire CommissionerNone
Janozik, JackStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Inspector's AssociationNone
Knoll, Greg StatuteMember, Illinois Professional Firefighters AssociationLake
Krupp, Roger1/21/20192/11/2016GovernorMember, Representative of the Fire Insurance Industry in IllinoisNone
Mortenson, RoyalStatuteMember, Illinois Fire Service InstituteChampaign
Riley, Luther1/17/202211/25/2019GovernorMember, Professional, full-time paid firefighterCook
Steker, Nicholas1/21/20192/20/2013GovernorMember, Professional, full-time paid firefighterCook
Sullivan, ChuckStatuteMember, Assoc. of Fire Fighters of ILNone
Swan, JohnStatuteMember, Illinois Firefighters AssociationHenry
Thompson, BrianStatuteMember, Illinois Society of Fire Service InstructorsKane
VACANTGovernorMember, Volunteer firefighterNone
VACANTGovernorMember, Representative of a registered United States Department of Labor apprenticeship program primarily instructing in the installation and repair of fire extinguishing systems
VACANTGovernorMember, licensed operating or stationary engineer who has an associate degree in facilities engineering technology
Ware, Christopher1/18/20214/15/2016GovernorMember, Knowledge of Fire Prevention MethodsDe Witt