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Title:Executive Ethics Commission
Website:Executive Ethics Commission
Contact Name:Michelle Casey
Contact Title:Executive Director
Contact Phone:217.558.1393
Contact Comments:


Function:The Executive Ethics Commission shall have jurisdiction over all officers and employees of the state agencies other than the General Assembly, the Senate Operations Commission, the Legislative support services agencies, and the Office of the Auditor General.
Term:4 years, commencing on July 1 of the appointment year and concluding June 30 of the 4th year
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:No more than 5 commissioners may be of the same political party
Qualifications: Experience holding governmental office/employment or from the general public. Not eligible if candidate has been convicted of a felony or a crime of dishonesty or moral turpitude, is or was in the last year engaged in activities that required registration under the Lobbyist Registration Act, is related to the appointed authority, is a state officer or employee, is or becomes a candidate for any elective office , holds any other elected or appointed public office (except advisory boards or study commission), be actively involved in the affairs of any political party or organization, or actively participate in any campaign for any elective office.
Compensation:$39,127 annually
Composition:9 Commissioners: 5 Commissioners appointed by the Governor; 1 Appointed by the Attorney General; 1 Appointed by the Secretary of State; 1 Appointed by the Comptroller; 1 Appointed by the Treasurer.
Chair:Elected by the Commission
Authority:5 ILCS 430/20-5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bartels, Teresa6/30/20239/21/2015RepublicanGovernorVice ChairLake
Boyce, Chasity6/30/20248/10/2016DemocratGovernorMemberCook
Ervin, Cynthia6/30/20238/23/2019RepublicanGovernorMemberSangamon
Hendrickson, Cara6/30/20238/23/2019DemocratGovernorMemberCook
Kuzas, Maria6/30/20242/26/2009DemocratSecretary of StateMemberCook
Rioja, Amalia6/30/20244/30/2018DemocratComptrollerChairCook
Schuh, Patricia6/30/20247/15/2020RepublicanAttorney GeneralMemberSangamon
Turner, Walter6/30/20247/1/2016DemocratTreasurerMemberCook
Yadgir, Patricia6/30/20238/19/2019IndependentGovernorMemberDuPage