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Title:Education of Children with Disabilities, Advisory Council on
Website:Advisory Council on Education of Children with Disabilities
Contact Name:Peggy O'Neal
Contact Title:Illinois State Board of Education
Contact Comments:Secondary contact: Barbara Moore (
Function:The Council advises State Board of Education on regulations, programs, materials, and unmet needs related to special education of children with disabilities.
Term:4 years, and until successor is appointed, with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:Citizens of United States and Illinois with knowledge or experience in problems of education of children with disabilities. Mandated by Federal Law.
Composition:27 voting members total: 23 appointed by Governor: - 9 parents of children with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21 receiving special education services at public expense - 5 individuals with disabilities, including 1 student or former student between 18 and 21 years of age at time of his or hers appointment receiving special education services at public expense or received those services at time his or her high school program terminated - 1 regional superintendent of schools - 1 representative of an institution of higher education that prepares special education and related services personnel - 1 teacher of students with disabilities - 1 superintendent of public school district - 1 director of special education cooperative or special education administrator from school district of less than 500,000 population - 1 representative of public charter school - 1 representative of private school serving children with disabilities - 1 representative of vocational, community, or business organization that provides transition services to children with disabilities - 1 at large member from general public 4 Ex officio members: - Secretary, Department of Human Services, or designee - Director, Department of Children and Family Services, or designee - Director, Department of Juvenile Justice, or designee - Director, Special Education for Chicago School District # 299, or designee
Chair:Elected by board
Authority:105 ILCS 5/14-3.01

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Anthony, Katrina6/30/20262/18/2022GovernorMember, Teacher of Students with DisabilitiesBlank
Bethel-Leitschuh, BambiStatuteEx-Officio, Director of DJJ DesigneeDr. None
Blank, Katie6/30/202312/16/2021GovernorMember, Transition ServicesBlank
Campos Hamilton, Elizabeth6/30/20231/7/2021GovernorChair, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesDuPage
Chung, Yun-Ching6/30/202212/16/2021GovernorMember, Higher Education RepresentativeBlank
Dawson, ShaRhonda 6/30/202412/13/2021GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesBlank
Hackett, Judith6/30/20232/16/2022GovernorMember, District Superintendent
Jones, StephanieStatuteEx-Officio, Chicago District 299 Special Education DirectorNone
Kon, Diana6/30/202312/13/2021GovernorMember, Private ProviderBlank
Littrell, Harrison6/30/20267/29/2022GovernorMember, Student with DisabilitiesNone
Littrell, Jennifer6/30/20267/29/2022GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesBlank
Montenelli, Ancel6/30/20188/27/2007GovernorMember, Individual with DisabilitiesBlank
Naddeo, Jennifer6/30/20178/27/2007GovernorMember, PublicBlank
Preseton, SerenaStatuteEx-Officio, Secretary of DHS DesigneeNone
Proby, Lauren6/30/20233/12/2021GovernorMember, Individual with DisabilitiesCook
Schoenbeck, Carolina6/30/202512/13/2021GovernorVice Chair, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesNone
Smith, MarcStatuteEx-Officio, Director of DCFSNone
Stein, Deborah6/30/20262/25/2022GovernorMember, Individual with DisabilitiesNone
Tomasso, Nicholas6/30/20256/10/2022GovernorMember, Charter School RepCook
VacantGovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesNone
Vacant6/30/2023GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesBlank
Vacant6/30/2023GovernorMember, Regional SuperintendentBlank
VacantGovernorMember, Special Education District <500,000Blank
Vines, Debra6/30/20241/22/2021GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesCook
Winfield, Cynthia6/30/202512/13/2021GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesBlank
Woods, Susy 6/30/20145/3/2012GovernorMember, Individual with DisabilitiesBlank
Wyman, Mary6/30/20233/12/2021GovernorMember, Parent of Child with DisabilitiesSangamon