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Title:Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission
Website:Deaf And Hard of Hearing Commission
Contact Name:Benro Ogunyipe
Contact Title:Executive Director
Contact Phone:217-303-8311
Contact Comments:
Function:The Commission advocates to improve communication access to all state program and services of Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons.
Term:3 years, and until a successor is appointed and qualified, no more than 2 consecutive terms
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:Residents of the state whose position, knowledge, or experience enables them to reasonably represent the concerns, needs, and recommendations of deaf and hard of hearing persons.
Compensation:Reimbursed for travel expenses and up to $ 50 per day for lost wages
Composition:11 voting members appointed by Governor - 6 members to be persons who are deaf or hard of hearing -Gov shall consider recommendations by deaf and hard of hearing advocacy groups
Chair:Elected by the Commission
Authority:20 ILCS 3932/1

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Barnes, Tyrone11/14/20254/4/2022GovernorMember, DeafLake
Draths, Jean11/14/20249/10/2021GovernorMember, DeafCook
Dubowe, Michael11/14/20225/14/2021GovernorMember, DeafMclean
Frazier, David11/14/20243/16/2018GovernorMemberCook
Jun, John R.11/14/20249/27/2021GovernorMember, Hard of HearingGrundy
Krakora, Lori11/14/202011/15/2014GovernorMember, DeafVice ChairDuPage
O'Brien, Dennis11/14/20233/4/2016GovernorMember, DeafChairDuPage
Sender, Jennifer11/14/20246/20/2021GovernorMemberCook
Smith, Kevin11/14/20224/30/2021GovernorMember, DeafCook
VACANTGovernorMember, DeafNone