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Title:Criminal Justice Information Authority, Illinois
Website:Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
Function:The Authority develops, evaluates and coordinates programs for the improvement of law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice; administers private, state and federal grant programs related to all phases of the administration of criminal justice; engages in research and acts as a repository and clearinghouse for federal, state and local research studies in all phases of the criminal justice system; and develops, operates and coordinates criminal justice information systems to promote the availability, completeness and accuracy of criminal history record information with due regard for federal and state privacy policy.
Term:4 years, beginning 3rd Monday in January of odd-numbered years, and until a successor is appointed.
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Composition:25 members 11 voting members appointed by Governor - 1 Sheriff from county other than Cook - 1 state’s attorney from county other than Cook - 1 public defender from county other than Cook - 1 chief of police - 1 circuit court clerk from outside Cook County - 6 public members Ex Officio members - Attorney General, or his or her designee, - the Director of Corrections, - the Director of State Police, - the Director of Public Health, - the Director of Children and Family Services, - the Sheriff of Cook County, - the State's Attorney of Cook County, - the clerk of the circuit court of Cook County, - the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, - the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, - the Director of the Office of the State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor, - the Executive Director of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board, - the State Appellate Defender, - the Public Defender of Cook County After August 15, 2014, Governor appointments require Senate confirmation.
Chair:Designated by the Governor
Authority:20 ILCS 3930/4

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Adams, Candice1/16/20269/12/2022GovernorMemberCircuit Court Clerk outside CookNone
Baird, Sheriff Dwight1/14/20219/14/2018GovernorMemberSheriff Outside Cook CountyNone
Brown, DavidStatuteEx-Officio, MemberSuperintendent, Chicago Police DepartmentCook
Calloway, KeithStatuteEx-Officio, MemberDirector, Law Enforcement Training and Standards BoardNone
Chadd, JamesStatuteEx-Officio, MemberState Appellate DefenderNone
Coffey, Vickii1/16/20237/8/2022GovernorMemberPublicBlank
Dart, TomStatuteEx-Officio, MemberCook County SheriffCook
Delfino, PatrickStatuteEx-Officio, MemberState Appellate ProsecutorSangamon
Foxx, KimStatuteVice Chair, Ex-Officio, MemberState's Attorney of Cook CountyCook
Gatewood, Garian1/16/20235/14/2021GovernorMemberPublicCook
Jeffreys, RobStatuteEx-Officio, MemberDirector of CorrectionsSangamon
Kelly, BrendanStatuteEx-Officio, MemberDirector of Illinois State PoliceSangamon
Martinez, IrisStatuteEx-Officio, MemberCook County Circuit ClerkCook
Mitchell Jr., SharoneStatuteEx-Officio, MemberPublic Defender of Cook CountyCook
Olson, David1/16/20253/9/2018GovernorMemberPublicMadison
Perez, Joseph 1/15/20199/14/2018GovernorMemberChief of PolicePeoria
Preckwinkle, ToniStatuteEx-Officio, MemberCook County Board PresidentCook
Raoul, KwameStatuteEx-Officio, MemberAttorney GeneralCook
Saltmarsh, Kathryn1/16/20258/19/2022GovernorMemberPublicCook
Smith, MarcStatuteEx-Officio, MemberDirector, Illinois Department of Children and Family ServicesNone
VACANT1/16/2023GovernorMemberPublic Defender Outside of Cook CountyNone
VACANT1/16/2023GovernorMemberState's Attorney outside Cook CountyNone
Vohra, Dr. SameerStatuteEx-Officio, MemberDirector, Illinois Department of Public HealthNone