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Title:Community College Board, Illinois
Website:Illinois Community College Board
Contact Name:Dr. Brian Durham
Contact Title:Executive Director, Illinois Community College Board
Contact Phone:217-785-0123
Function:The Board provides statewide planning for community colleges; coordinates programs, services and activities; sets standards for buildings, curriculum, and administration; approves locally funded capital projects.
Term:6 years, and until successor is qualified and seated
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:No
Qualifications:(110 ILCS 805/2 2) (from Ch. 122, par. 102 2) The members of the State Board shall be citizens and residents of the State of Illinois and shall be selected as far as may be practicable on the basis of their knowledge of, or interest and experience in, community colleges. No member of the State Board shall hold current membership on a school board or board of trustees of a public or non public university or technical institute or be employed by the State or federal government. This Section does not prohibit a member of the State Board from being employed by a public community college. (Source: P.A. 94 157, eff. 7 8 05.)
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:12 members - 11 appointed by Governor - 1 at least 60 years of age - 1 must be faculty member at public community college - 1 must be member of board of trustees of public community college district - 1 non-voting student selected by the Board’s advisory committee of students - 1 must be the president of a public community college, the Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago (Community College District No. 508), or the Chief Executive Officer of Illinois Eastern Community Colleges (Community College District No. 529).
Chair:Designated by the Governor
Authority:110 ILCS 805/2

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Botman, Mara6/30/20291/31/2023GovernorMemberBlank
Bradley, Craig6/30/20259/8/2021GovernorMember, FacultyNone
Bruce, Terry6/30/20219/17/2012GovernorVice Chair, Member, Community College President Richland
Chung, An-Me6/30/20268/30/2021GovernorMemberCook
Garate, Teresa6/30/202511/15/2012GovernorMemberCook
Jenkins, Sylvia6/30/20276/14/2022GovernorMemberBlank
Kachiroubas, Nicholas6/30/20211/18/2016GovernorMemberMadison
Lopez, Lazaro6/30/20253/9/2015GovernorChairCook
McClinton, Marlon6/30/20272/6/2023GovernorMemberCook
Mosley Banks, Maureen C. 6/30/20291/3/2023GovernorMember, Board of TrusteesNone
Peterson, Larry6/30/20257/1/2020GovernorMemberJohnson
Sanchez, Oscar6/30/20197/1/2018Student Advisory CommitteeMember, Non-voting studentNone