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Title:Discrimination and Hate Crimes, Commission on
Contact Name:James Bennett
Contact Title:Chair
Contact Comments:
Function:(1) To identify and uproot sources of discrimination and bias at the source; (2) Assist with the development of resources, training, and information that allow for a swift and efficient response to hate-motivated crimes and incidents; (3)To work with educators throughout Illinois on issues concerning discrimination and hate, teaching acceptance, and embracing diversity at academic institutions; (4)To help ensure that this State’s laws addressing discrimination and hate-related violence are widely known and applied correctly to help eradicate and prevent crimes based on discrimination and intolerance; (5) To make recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly for statutory and programmatic changes necessary to eliminate discrimination and hate-based violence; (6) To help implement recommendations by working with State agencies, the General Assembly , the business community, social service community and other organizations. Must submit annual report to the Governor and General Assembly by March 30 of each year
Term:Staggered so that 10 of the initial members shall serve until 3/1/09, 10 of the initial members and chairperson shall serve until 3/1/11. Thereafter each member shall serve for a term of 4 years.
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:Membership may include but is not limited to, persons who are active in and knowledgeable about law enforcement, the criminal and civil justice systems, education, human rights, business and industry, arts and culture, social services, and religion.
Compensation:Reimbursement of travel expenses.
Composition:21 members: -Chair appointed by Governor. -20 additional members appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Chair:Appointed by Governor
Authority:20 ILCS 4070/10

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bahena, Hilda3/1/20254/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Banerji, Anita3/1/20233/26/2021GovernorMemberCook
Bennett, James3/1/20253/26/2021GovernorMember, ChairCook
Buys, Cindy3/1/20233/26/2021GovernorMemberJackson
Davis, Mitchell3/1/20253/28/2022GovernorMemberCook
Goldenberg, David3/1/20254/8/2021GovernorMemberLake
Justicz, Julie3/1/20233/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Kano, Melineh3/1/20233/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Kelly, Brendan3/1/20233/29/2021GovernorMemberSt Clair
Limmer, Seth3/1/20233/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Meek, Amy3/1/20254/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Noriega, Mona3/1/20233/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Parker, Channyn3/1/20259/20/2021GovernorMemberNone
Rosensweig, Jason3/1/20254/16/2021GovernorMemberCook
Sayeed, Dilara3/1/20254/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Sweis, Marvet3/1/20233/4/2022GovernorMember
Tamley, Karen3/1/20233/8/2021GovernorMemberCook
Uhe-Edwards, Molly3/1/20253/26/2021GovernorMemberSangamon