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Title:Coal Development Board
Contact Name:Bill Hoback
Contact Title:Deputy Director of the Office of Coal Development
Contact Phone:217-782-6370
Function:The Board promotes and develops an annual agenda for research and methodologies to increase use of Illinois coal resources; advises the Office of Coal Development and Illinois Clean Coal Institute on coal research and development policy and projects.
Term:4 years
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:Representation of Illinois industries involved in extraction, utilization, or transportation of IL coal and financial or banking interests in the state, as well as persons experienced in international business and economic development.
Composition:17 members: 8 "public members" appointed by the Governor; 1 member each appointed by -Speaker of the House -House Minority Leader -Senate President -Senate Minority Leader; - President, University of Illinois -DCEO Director; -DCEO Deputy Director of Business Development; -Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director or designee; -Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals Director.
Chair:DCEO Director
Authority:20 ILCS 1105/8

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Belt, Sen. Christopher1/11/20234/22/2022Senate PresidentMemberNone
Garcia, Sylvia StatuteMemberDCEO, DirectorNone
Huff, RonnieStatuteMemberIllinois Office of Mines and Minerals DirectorNone
Killeen, TimothyStatuteMember, President, University of IllinoisNone
Reitz, Rep. Nathan10/8/2019Speaker of the HouseMemberNone
Severin, Rep. Dave8/6/2021House Minority LeaderMemberNone
VACANTStatuteMemberDNR Director or designeeNone
VACANTStatuteMemberDCEO Deputy Director of Business DevelopmentNone
VACANTSenate Minority LeaderMemberNone
VACANTGovernorMemberSt. Clair