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Title:Clean Energy Community Foundation, Illinois
Website:Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
Contact Name:Dennis O’Brien
Contact Title:Executive Director, Clean Energy Community Foundation of Illinois
Contact Phone:312.372.5191
Function:This is a private foundation organized under the Illinois Non-Profit Corporation Act and recognized under the Federal Internal Revenue Code. The Foundation was entirely funded by ComEd with $225 million in 1999 to provide financial assistance for projects that help improve energy efficiency, develop renewable energy resources and to protect natural areas and wildlife habitat. Since its inception in December of 1999, the Foundation has been drawing down on those funds and their earnings to make over 4,700 grants, resulting in over $255 million being awarded to Illinois non-profit organizations, schools, municipalities and other local government agencies.
Term:5 years, and until successor is appointed and qualified
Senate Confirmation:No
Compensation:Up to $20,000 plus expenses for members, up to $25,000 plus expenses for chairman (if serving as board members, members of General Assembly and electric utility are not compensated)
Composition:6 Voting Members (Governor also names Chair) - 1 appointed by Governor - 1 appointed by Senate President - 1 appointed by Senate Minority Leader - 1 appointed by Speaker of the House - 1 appointed by House Minority Leader - 1 appointed by the electric utility establishing the foundation; 5 Ex-officio non-voting members: - 1 appointed by Director of DCEO - 1 appointed by Director of IEPA - 1 appointed by Director of DNR - 2 appointed by the electric utility establishing the foundation
Chair:Designated by Governor, and serves at the Pleasure of the Governor from among the voting members
Authority:220 ILCS 5/16-111.1

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Adelman, Jerry12/21/2014ComEdMemberCook
Bold, Rachel12/28/2020Senate Minority LeaderMemberCook
Dugan, LisaComEdEx-OfficioNone
Kruse, Chad3/13/2019StatuteEx-Officio, IEPANone
McDermott, John12/5/202412/5/2014House Minority LeaderMemberWill
Murphy, Patricia Joan12/31/20248/3/2021President of the SenateMemberCook
Novak, J. PhillipCom-EdEx-Officio
Peters, Pete12/21/202412/21/2014Speaker of the HouseChairCook
Phelps Finnie, NatalieStatuteEx-Officio, IDNRNone
Richards, KristinStatuteEx-Officio, Director of DCEONone
Vinck, Sean12/21/20191/11/2015GovernorMemberCook