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Title:Children And Family Services Advisory Council
Website:Children And Family Services Advisory Council
Contact Name:Alexa Koziol
Contact Title:Legislative Liaison, Department of Children and Family Services
Contact Phone:217-622-2052
Function:The Council advises the Department on services and programs affecting children and adults under Department’s care.
Term:4 years
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Qualifications:Beginning July 1, 2015, the Advisory Council shall include as appointed members at least one youth from each of the Department of Children and Family Services' regional youth advisory boards established pursuant to Section 5 of the Department of Children and Family Services Statewide Youth Advisory Board Act and at least 2 adult former wards of the Department of Children and Family Services.
Composition:21 members appointed by Governor with advice and consent of the Senate - 1 at least 60 years of age
Chair:Elected by board
Authority:20 ILCS 5/5-535, 605

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Berglind, Margaret1/16/20235/9/2016GovernorMemberCook
Bloom, Robert1/16/20216/6/2016GovernorChairLake
Crabb, Sherrie L.1/16/20221/16/2020GovernorMemberJohnson
Egan, Timothy1/16/20215/13/2013GovernorChairCook
Ex, Merri1/16/20175/9/2016GovernorMemberCook
Foley, Gabriel1/16/202410/29/2021GovernorMemberAlumniTazewell
Hansen, Jennifer1/16/20236/2/2017GovernorMemberKenosha Co., WI
Hunter, Mattie1/16/20215/13/2013GovernorMemberCook
Kindle, Brittani1/16/20243/27/2017GovernorMemberAlumniCook
King, Kim1/16/20259/20/2021GovernorMemberCook
Martin, Patricia1/16/20206/20/2013GovernorMemberCook
McGowan, Alice1/19/20195/9/2016GovernorMemberCook
Pietrini, Nate1/16/20249/8/2021GovernorMemberNone
Turner, Lanetta Haynes1/16/202312/2/2019GovernorMemberCook
VACANTGovernorMemberDCFS Youth Advisory Board - SouthernNone
VACANT1/16/2020GovernorMemberDCFS Youth Advisory Board - CookCook
VACANT1/16/2020GovernorMemberDCFS Youth Advisory Board - CentralSangamon
VACANTGovernorMemberDCFS Youth Advisory Board - NorthernCook
Weinberg, Anita1/16/20235/9/2016GovernorMemberCook