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Title:Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities
Contact Name:Elias Ngwayah
Contact Title:Deputy Director BEP
Contact Phone:312.814.5628
Function:The Council helps implement the state's program of awarding 12% statutory/19% targeted of dollar amount of state contracts to minority, female and persons with disabilities-owned businesses; maintains list of all such businesses; reviews compliance plans submitted by each state agency; reviews Business Enterprise Program certification application appeals.
Senate Confirmation:No
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:19 members - 13 members appointed by Governor - 10 individuals representing businesses that are minority, female owned, or owned by persons with disabilities - 2 individuals representing the business community - 1 representative of public universities - Director, Department of Central Management Services, as Chairperson - Director, Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity, or designee - Director, Department of Human Rights, or designee - Secretary, Department of Transportation, or designee - Director, Capitol Development Board, or designee - Secretary, Department of Human Services, or designee
Chair:Director, Central Management Services
Authority:30 ILCS 575/5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Barreto, Marietta6/30/20169/5/2014GovernorMemberBusiness CommunityCook
Bautista, AlexStatuteMemberDepartment of Human Rights Director DesigneeNone
DiMenco, Emilia6/30/20188/24/2015GovernorMemberWomen Business Development CouncilDuPage
Doria, Beth6/30/20188/1/2006GovernorMemberFederation of Women ContractorsCook
Eng, Karen6/30/20169/5/2014GovernorMemberBusiness CommunityCook
Forde, Janel1/18/2019StatuteCMSCMS Director DesigneeCook
Hunt, KhariStatuteMemberDHS Secretary DesigneeNone
Ivory, Larry6/30/20208/1/2006GovernorMemberIllinois Black Chamber of CommercePeoria
Martinez, JesseStatuteMemberCapital Development Board Director DesigneeNone
McKinnie, Edward6/30/20161/11/2015GovernorMemberBlack Contractors United, Inc.Cook
Morgan, Sheila6/30/201810/23/2015GovernorMemberChicago Minority Supplier Development CouncilCook
O'Neil, Kaney Frances6/30/202011/26/2018GovernorMemberCook
Paulo, Jaime Di6/30/20209/14/2018GovernorMemberCook
Perez, Jorge6/30/20209/28/2018GovernorMemberCook
Ratner, Hedy6/30/20188/1/2006GovernorMemberWomen's Business Development CenterCook
Roberts, Sharla6/30/201610/23/2015GovernorMemberHigher Education - UniversitiesCook
Tello, Alma9/13/2019StatuteMemberDeputy Director DCEOCook
VACANTStatuteMemberDOT Secretary DesigneeNone
VACANTGovernorMemberBusiness Community