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Title:Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rule, Board of
Website:Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rule
Contact Name:Andrea Klees
Contact Title:Adminstrative Assistant to the State Fire Marshal
Contact Phone:217.558.0638
Function:The board formulates and enforces rules and regulations for safe and proper construction, installation, repair, use, and operation of boilers and pressure vessels in the state.
Term:4 years
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:See composition below
Composition:7 appointed by Governor - 1 representing in state owners of high pressure boilers and pressure vessels in utilities, manufacturing, or processing - 1 representing in state owners and users of low pressure vessels in commercial buildings, multiple housing, or hotels - 1 representing boiler manufacturers in state - 1 representing boiler insurance company licensed to insure boilers and pressure vessels in state - 1 representing boilermakers - 1 representing steam operating engineers - 1 mechanical engineer, registered in Illinois, on faculty of engineering college, or equivalent experience
Chair:Elected from the Members
Authority:430 ILCS 75/2

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Carter, Prentiss10/18/202110/18/2017GovernorMember, Professional EngineerMadison
Coates, James10/18/20259/12/2014GovernorMember, Steam Operating EngineersCook
Cooper, Jessica 11/18/20258/13/2021GovernorMember, Insurance CompanyKane
Davis, Eric10/18/202311/5/2019GovernorMember, Boiler MakersWill
Galanes, George10/18/202511/1/2007GovernorMember, High Pressure UsersDuPage
Hacker, Harold10/18/20263/24/2010GovernorMember, Low Pressure UsersCook
Parikh, Bhaumik10/18/202610/15/2021Governor Member, Boiler ManufacturerNone