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Title:Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Licensing Board
Contact Name:Elaine Huddleston
Contact Phone:217-782-0386
Function:The Board advises department on licensing and regulation of ambulatory surgical treatment centers.
Term:3 years, beginning October. 
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:Recommendations by appropriate professional organizations considered. Public members to have no economic interest in institution, place, or building licensed pursuant to Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Act. Governor should consider recommendations from Director of DPH.
Composition:12 appointed by Governor - 4 representatives of public - 4 practicing physicians - 1 practicing podiatrist - 1 dentist licensed for oral surgery - 1 Illinois registered professional nurse employed in ambulatory surgical treatment center - 1 supervisor or administrator of health facility
Authority:210 ILCS 5/14

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Crook, Deborah 9/30/20233/26/2013GovernorMember, NurseKane
Cummings, Theresa9/30/201710/1/2005GovernorChair, PublicSangamon
Doerfler, Gregory9/30/20164/3/2013GovernorMember, Dentist/Oral SurgeonDuPage
Drueck, Charles9/30/20204/3/2013GovernorMember, PhysicianCook
Fabrizius, Judy9/30/20187/1/2016GovernorMember, PublicKane
Grady, John9/30/20158/1/2007GovernorMember, PodiatristCook
Gunderson, Steven9/30/20208/1/2007GovernorMember, AdministratorWinnebago
Herron, Burnetta Dr.9/30/202310/21/2020GovernorMember, PhysicianCook
Hussain, Mohammed9/30/20233/26/2021GovernorMember, PhysicianDuPage
Silverman, Dr. Gary F.9/30/20179/1/1993GovernorMember, PhysicianCook
VACANT9/30/20208/10/2018GovernorMember, PublicBlank
VACANT9/30/2020GovernorMember, PublicNone