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Title:Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force
Website:Mahomet Aquifer Consortium
Contact Name:Barb Lieberhoff
Contact Title:Office of Community Relations, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Contact Phone:217-524-3038
Function:To develop a State plan to maintain the groundwater quality; identify potential and current contamination threats to the water quality; identify actions that might be taken to ensure long-term protection; and make legislative recommendations for future protection.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:25 Members: 4 General Assembly members: 1 Senate member appointed by the Senate President, 1 Senate member appointed by the Senate Minority leader, 1 House member appointed by the House Speaker, 1 House member appointed by the House Minority Leader; 1 representative of the Department of Environmental Protection Agency appointed by the Director; 20 Public members appointed by the Governor: 2 members representing a national easte and recycling organization, 1 member representing a statewide environmental organization, 3 members representing a non-profit consortium dedicated to the sustainability of the Mahomet Aquifer, 1 member representing the Illinois State Water Survey of the Prairie Research Institute of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1 member representing a statewide association representing the pipe trades, 1 member representing the State's largest general farm organization, 1 member representing a statewide trade association representing manufacturers, 1 member representing a community health care organization loced over the Mahomet Aquifer, 7 members representing local government bodies located over the Mahomet Aquifer, 1 member representing a State labor organization that represents employees in the solid waste, recyucling, and related industries, 1 member representing a statewide business association with a focus on environmental issues
Authority:20 ILCS 5105

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Ammons, Rep. Carol9/5/2017House SpeakerGeneral Assembly MemberRepresentative
Ballenger, Eric12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Barnett, Teresa12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Davis, Alec12/20/2017GovernorMember
Frank-Feinen, Deborah12/20/2017GovernorMember
Gleason, Keith4/6/2018Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Griffith, Donovan3/20/2018GovernorMember
Hostetler, Charles12/20/2017GovernorMember
Karner, Lynn12/20/2017GovernorMember
Koos, Chris12/20/2017GovernorMember
Lenhoff, Claudia12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Marlin, Diane12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Marron, Rep. Mike1/23/2019House Minority LeaderGeneral Assembly MemberAssistant Republican Leader
Moore-Wolfe, Julie12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Rehn, Andrew12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Risley, James12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Roadcap, George12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Rose, Sen. Chapin7/1/20179/6/2017Senate Minority LeaderSenate MemberAssistant Republican Leader
Smith, Charles12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Stoner, Larry12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Turner, Steve12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
VACANTSenate PresidentSenate Member
VACANTDirector, Environmental Protection AgencyAgency Representative
Zalucha, Todd12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember
Zimmerman, David12/20/2017Governor AppointeeGovernorMember