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Title:New Harmony Bridge Authority
Function:The bridge authority is established for the purpose of: (1) inheriting the assets, duties, powers, and rights of the commission; (2) accepting the transfer and ownership of the bridge and all interests of the commission in real and personal property; (3) accepting or receiving all other assets of the commission; and (4) equipping, financing, improving, maintaining, operating, reconstructing, rehabilitating, and restoring the bridge for use by moto vehicles, pedestrians, and others modes of transportation.
Term:4 years
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Composition:The bridge authority shall be composed of the following individuals: (1) Three members appointed by the Governor, no more than 2 of whom may be from the same political party, (2) One member appointed by the White County Board; (3) One member appointed by the Mayor of Phillipstown
Authority:45 ILCS 185/5-15

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Brown, Sara Lynn9/6/20239/6/2019GovernorMemberWhite
Egbert, Michael9/6/20239/6/2019GovernorMemberWhite
Henning, Linda9/18/2019Mayor of PhillipstownMemberWhite
Schanzle-Haskins, Ellen9/6/20239/6/2019GovernorMemberSangamon
Spencer, Clint9/19/2019White County BoardMemberWhite