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Title:Property Tax Relief Task Force
Contact Name:Department of Revenue
Function:The Task Force shall utilize a racial and economic equity lens to identify the causes of increasingly burdensome property taxes across Illinois, review best practices in public policy strategies that create short-term and long-term property tax relief for homeowners, and make recommendations to assist in the development of short-term and long-term administrative, electoral, and legislative changes needed to create short-term and long-term property tax relief for homeowners.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:The members of the Property Tax Relief Task Force shall include and represent the diversity of the people of Illinois, and shall be composed of the following: (1) members appointed by the Governor; (2) members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives; (3) members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives; (4) members of the Senate appointed by the Senate President; and (5) members of the Senate appointed by the Senate Minority Leader.
Chair:Co-Chairs elected by the members of the task force
Authority:P.A. 101-0181

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Belt, Sen. Christopher8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Bristow, Rep. Monica8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Burke, Rep. Kelly8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Bush, Sen. Melinda8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Carroll, Rep. Jonathan8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Cassidy, Rep. Kelly8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Castro, Sen. Cristina8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Conroy, Rep. Deb8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Crespo, Fred8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Crowe, Sen. Rachelle8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Cullerton, Sen. Thomas8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Cunningham, Sen. Bill8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Davis, Rep. William8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
DeWitte, Sen. Don8/5/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Didech, Rep. Daniel8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Edly-Allen, Rep. Mary8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Ellman, Sen. Laura8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Evans Jr., Rep. Marcus8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Feigenholtz, Rep. Sara8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Fine, Sen. Laura8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Flowers, Rep. Mary8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Ford, Rep. La Shawn K. 8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Gillespie, Sen. Ann8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Glowiak, Sen. Suzy8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Gong-Gershowitz, Rep. Jennifer8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Greenwood, LaToya8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Harmon, Sen. Don8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Harris III., Sen. Napoleon8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Hernandez, Rep. Barbara8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Holmes, Sen. Linda8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Howard, Rep. Terra Costa8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Hunter, Sen. Mattie8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Hurley, Rep. Frances Ann8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Hutchinson, Sen. Toi8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Kifowit, Rep. Stephanie8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Manar, Sen. Andy8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Martinez, Sen. Iris8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Martwick, Sen. Robert8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Mason, Rep. Joyce8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Mayfield, Rep. Rita8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
McConchie, Sen. Dan8/5/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Meyers-Martin, Rep. Debbie8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Miller, Emily8/2/2019GovernorMemberCook
Mock, Cameron8/5/2019GovernorMember
Morgan, Rep. Bob8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Morrison, Sen. Julie8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Moylan, Rep. Martin 8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Murphy, Sen. Laura8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Mussman, Rep. Michelle8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Pappas, Rep. Diane8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Peters, Sen. Robert8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Ramirez, Rep. Delia8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Reitz, Rep. Nathan8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Righter, Sen. Dale8/5/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Rita, Rep. Robert8/14/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Robinson Jr., Rep. Lamont8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Sims Jr., Sen. Elgie8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Stadelamn, Sen. Steve8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Stava-Murray, Rep. Anne8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Steans, Sen. Heather8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Stuart, Rep. Katie8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Tarver II, Rep. Curtis8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Tracy, Sen. Jil8/5/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
VACANTPresident of the SenateMember
Villa, Rep. Karina8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Villanueva, Rep. Celina8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Villivalam, Sen. Ram8/5/2019President of the SenateMember
Walker, Rep. Mark8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Wilcox, Sen. Craig8/5/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Williams, Rep. Ann8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Willis, Rep. Kathleen8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Yednock, Rep. Lance8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Yingling, Rep. Sam8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember
Zalewski, Rep. Michael8/5/2019Speaker of the HouseMember