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Title:Offshore Wind Energy Economic Development Policy Task Force
Contact Name:Aaron Stein
Contact Title:Legislative Liasion, DCEO
Function:The Offshore Wind Energy Econcomi Development Policy Task Force will work to analyze and evaluate policy and economic options to facilitate the development of offshore wind energy, and to propose an appropriate Illinois mechanism for purchasing and selling power from possible offshore wind energy projects. The Task Force shall examine mechanisms used in other states and jurisdictions, including, without limitation, feed-in tariffs, renewable energy certificates, renewable energy certificate carve-outs, power purchase agreements, and pilot projects.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:The Director of the Illinois Power Agency (or his or her designee), the Executive Director of the Illinois Commerce Commission (or his or her designee), the Director of Natural Resources (or his or her designee), and the Attorney General (or his or her designee) shall serve as ex officio members of the Task Force. The Governor shall appoint the following public members to serve on the Task Force: (1) one individual from an institution of higher education in Illinois representing the discipline of economics with experience in the study of renewable energy; (2) one individual representing an energy industry with experience in renewable energy markets; (3) one individual representing a Statewide consumer or electric ratepayer organization; (4) one individual representing the offshore wind energy industry; (5) one individual representing the wind energy supply chain industry; (6) one individual representing an Illinois electrical cooperative, municipal electrical utility, or association of such cooperatives or utilities; (7) one individual representing an Illinois industrial union involved in the construction, maintenance, or transportation of electrical generation, distribution, or transmission equipment or components; (8) one individual representing an Illinois commercial or industrial electrical consumer; (9) one individual representing an Illinois public education electrical consumer; (10) one individual representing an independent transmission company; (11) one individual from the Illinois legal community with experience in contracts, utility law, municipal law, and constitutional law; (12) one individual representing a Great Lakes regional organization with experience assessing or studying wind energy; (13) one individual representing a Statewide environmental organization; (14) one resident of the State representing an organization advocating for persons of low or limited incomes; (15) one individual representing Argonne National Laboratory; and (16) one individual representing a local community that has aggregated the purchase of electricity. The Governor may appoint additional public members to the Task Force. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Senate President, and Minority Leader of the Senate shall each appoint one member of the General Assembly to serve on the Task Force.
Chair:Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, or his or her designee
Authority:20 ILCS 896/20

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Albers, John2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual from the Illinois Legal Community with Experience in Contracts, Utility Law, Municipal Law, and Constitutional LawSangamon
Bos, Rep. Chris3/18/2021Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMemberState Representative
Cunningham Jr., Samuel2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberLake
Curran, Sen. John8/13/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMemberSenate
Darin, Jack2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing a Statewide Environmental OrganizationCook
Flanagan, Molly2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing a Great Lakes Regional Organization with Experience Assessing or Studying Wind EnergyCook
Gabel, Rep. Robyn7/31/2019Speaker of the House of RepresentativesMemberState Representative
Greco, Aaron7/7/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing Argonne National LaboratoryDuPage
Jensen, Thomas Kumar2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing a Local Community that has Aggregated the Purchase of ElectricityCook
Kim, Christopher 1/31/2021StatuteEx-OfficioAttorney General, or their designeeCook
Loomis, David10/15/2021GovernorPublic MemberIndividual from an Institution of Higher Education in Illinois Representing the Discipline of Economics with Experience in the Study of Renewable Energy
Macellaio, Michael8/20/2021GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Illinois Industrial Union Involved in the Construction, Maintenance, or Transportation of Electrical Generation, Distribution, or Transmission Equipment or Components
Scarr, Abraham11/23/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing a Statewide Consumer or Electric Ratepayer OrganizationCook
VACANTStatuteEx-OfficioDirector of the Illinois Power Agency, or their designee
VACANTStatuteEx-OfficioExecutive Director of the Illinois Commerce Commission, or their designee
VACANTStatuteEx-OfficioDirector of Natural Resources, or their designee
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Energy Industry with Experience in Renewable Energy Markets
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing the Wind Energy Supply Chain Industry
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Illinois Commercial or Industrial Electrical Consumer
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Illinois Public Education Electrical Consumer
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Independent Transmission Company
VACANTGovernorPublic MemberResident of the State Representing an Organization Advocating for Persons of Low or Limited Incomes
VACANTSenate PresidentMemberSenator
Wilson, Staci2/21/2020GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing an Illinois Electrical Cooperative, Municipal Electrical Utility, or Association of such Cooperatives or UtilitiesSangamon
Wissemann, Chris10/4/2021GovernorPublic MemberIndividual Representing the Offshore Wind Energy Industry