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Title:Illinois Works Review Panel
Meeting Information:

The Illinois Works Review Panel shall meet at least quarterly. 

Contact Name:Travis March
Contact Title:Chief Operating Officer, DCEO
Function:The Illinois Works Review Panel reviews and evaluates: the Illinois Works Preapprenticeship Program and the Illinois Works Apprenticeship Initiative, ideas to diversify the workforce in the construction industry in Illinois, and workforce demographic data collected by the Illinois DOL. The Panel will report its findings and make recommendations to the General Assembly and the Department of Labor regarding identification and evaluation of community-based organizations.
Term:Each member shall serve a 3-year term.
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:The Illinois Works Review Panel is created and shall be comprised of 25 members, each serving 3-year terms. The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate shall each appoint 5 members. The Minority Leader of the House of Representatives and the Minority Leader of the Senate shall each appoint 5 members. The Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, or his or her designee, shall serve as a member. The Governor shall appoint the following individuals to serve as members: a representative from a contractor organization; a representative from a labor organization; and 2 members of the public with workforce development expertise, one of whom shall be a representative of a nonprofit organization that addresses workforce development
Authority:30 ILCS 559/20-25

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Anderson, Sen. Neil6/8/2020Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Ayala-Bermejo, Karina5/11/20235/11/2020GovernorMemberPublic Member with Workforce Development Expertise, Representative of a Nonprofit Organization that Addresses Workforce DevelopmenCook
Bourne, Rep. Avery5/5/2020Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMember
Butler, Rep. Tim5/5/2020Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMember
Castro, Sen. CristinaPresident of the SenateMember
Coyne, James F. 8/8/2020President of the SenateMember
Curran, Sen. John6/8/2020Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Davis, Rep. William2/3/2020Speaker of the HouseMember
DeWitte, Sen. Donald7/15/2019Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Fowler, Sen. Dale6/8/2020Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Garcia, Rebecca7/17/20237/17/2020GovernorMemberPublic Member with Workforce Development ExpertiseCook
Garcia, SylviaStatuteMemberDirector of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, or their Designee
Jackson, Don10/16/2019Speaker of the House of RepresentativesMember
Jackson, Ernestine10/16/2019Speaker of the House of RepresentativesMember
Keicher, Rep. Jeff5/5/2020Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMember
King, Maurice5/11/20235/11/2020GovernorMemberRepresentative from a Labor OrganizationCook
Koehler, Sen. David8/6/2019President of the SenateMember
Lightford, Sen. Kimberly8/6/2019President of the SenateMember
Marron, Rep. Michael5/5/2020Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMember
McClure, Sen. Steve6/8/2020Minority Leader of the SenateMember
Pitts, Calvin6/4/20236/4/2020GovernorMemberRepresentative from a Contractor OrganizationSangamon
Smith, Rep. Nicholas K.2/3/2020Speaker of the HouseMember
Spain, Rep. Ryan5/5/2020Minority Leader of the House of RepresentativesMember
Whitaker, Deborah8/8/2020President of the SenateMember
Williams, Rep. Jawaharial3/16/2021Speaker of the HouseMember