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Title:Community Advisory Council on Homelessness
Meeting Information:

​The council will meet four times a year. 

Contact Name:Illinois Department of Human Services
Function:The Communtiy Advisory Council will operate to advise the Illinois Interagency Task Force on Homelessness on its mission to achieve "functional zero" homelessness in the State of Illinois. The Council will discuss and make recommendations on improving health and human services for those experiencing homelessness, strengthening housing stability, and unnecessary institutionalization.
Term:Appointees serve at the will of the Governor, and have a term of three years. If a vacancy should occur at any point of the three-year period,  a new member will immediately be appointed by the Governor to fulfill the remainder of the three-year term, and will continue to serve unti a succeding appointment or re-appointment has been made.
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:The Community Advisory Council shall consist of diverse stakeholders that represent the goals and population described in this executive order, to be appointed by the Governor. Members should be geographically diverse to represent the needs of urban, suburban and rural communities across Illinois.
Composition:The Community Advisory Council will consist of the "Chief", who will serve as co-chair with another Council member from the following appointments: Three members with lived experience, which may include, but are not limited to the formerly incarcerated, veterans, and youth (16 to 25 years old). Member representing people with disabilities. Two members from the philanthropic private funding sector. Member representing a statewide behavioral health advocacy organization. Member representing a statewide housing advocacy organization. A minimum of two members representing local Continuums of Care. A minimum of three members representing local units of government (municipal, county and/or township). Two at-large members, who may or may not meet the qualification requirements for the other appointees.

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Deters, Sandy2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from local Continuums of Care
Gaston, Otha2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMember Representative with lived experience of homelessness or institutionalization
Haley, Christine2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorChief/Co-ChairState Homelessness Chief
Hill, Jennifer2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from local Continuums of Care
Kelly, Niya2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of a statewide housing advocacy organization
Knazze, Brandie2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of units of local government
Lindsey, Marvin2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of a statewide behavioral health advocacy organization
Lund, Ron2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from local Continuums of Care
Milan-Alexander, Tamela2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative with lived experience of homelessness or institutionalization
Monocchio, Richard2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of local units of government
O'Brien, Cathleen2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of the Disabled Community
O'Connell, Brenda2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative of units of local government
Reyes, Veronica2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberMember at-large
Reyna-Guerrero, Susan2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberMember at-large
Reznick, Debbie2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from the philanthropic private funding sector
Ross, Carolyn2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from local Continuums of Care
Rowe, Richard2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative with lived experience of homelessness or institutionalization
Wilson, Nicole2/7/20252/7/2022GovernorMemberRepresentative from the philanthropic private funding sector