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Title:Cybersecurity Commission, Illinois
Contact Name:Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Contact Comments:
The Commission shall develop and recommend an implementation plan for accomplishing the following objectives:
a. Building and enhancing cyber awareness and training for private sector critical infrastructure entities,
b. Developing practices, processes and the overall planning required to protect valuable information, resources and services,
c. Maturing cyber competencies through the utilization of best practices to help private sector critical infrastructure organizations make risk-based decisions for improving cybersecurity,
d. Creating and expanding partnerships to foster continual learning and information sharing to ensure the safety and resiliency of digital infrastructure.
The chairperson of the Commission shall submit a report to the Governor by December 31, 2022. The report shall detail the activities, accomplishments and recommendations of the Commission. Upon submission of the report, the Commission shall disband.  
Senate Confirmation:No
The Commission shall be composed of Voting Members and Non-Voting Members appointed by the Governor.
Authority:Executive Order 2022-08

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bergstrom, Steven10/28/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, association representing the Defense Industrial Base Sector
Dantico, Jason7/29/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, an association representing the Healthcare and Public Health Sector
Dula, Kristi5/31/2022GovernorVoting MemberDirector of DCEO, or designee
Ford, Adam5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberChief Security Officer of DOIT, or designee
Gerard, Dan10/28/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, an association representing the Energy Sector
Harmening, James5/25/2022GovernorVoting MemberChairman of the ICC, or designee
Holland, Mike7/29/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, an association representing the Water and Wastewater Systems Sector
Jir, Ahmed5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberIllinois Attorney General, or designee
Johnson, Chris10/28/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, an association representing the Financial Services Sector
Kelly, Brendan5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberDirector of ISP, or designee
Kusterman, Aaron5/25/2022GovernorAdvisory MemberRepresentative, Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center
Lonbom, Kirk9/16/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, an association representing the Information Technology Sector
March, Jennifer5/25/2022GovernorVoting MemberDirector of IEMA, or designee
Mitchell, Christian5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberRepresentative, Office of the Governor
Neely, Maj. General Richard Neely5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberAdjutant General of the Illinois National Guard, or designee
Paradise, Michael9/16/2022GovernorNon-Voting MemberRepresentative, association representing the Communications Sector
Richards, Kevin5/20/2022GovernorVoting MemberDirector of IDOR, or designee
Ricker, Jennifer5/25/2022GovernorVoting MemberThe Governor's Homeland Security Advisor, or designee