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Title:Mid-America Port Commission
Website:Mid-America Port Commission
Contact Name:Charles Bell
Contact Phone:217-222-3111
Function:The Commission manages the Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port District Board.
Term:6 years.  Members cannot serve more than 2 terms. 
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:Commissioners must be members of the Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port District Board.
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:9 members -- Governors of Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa appoint 1 member each to the port commission -- Each state is represented by 2 members elected through county governance in geographical jurisdiction of port commission. -- Chairperson to be elected by port commission members. Chairperson to rotate among Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois members for 2-year periods.
Authority:45 ILCS 165/5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Aeilts, DouglasGovernor of MissouriMemberNone
Bisenius, SteveLee County, IowaMemberNone
Hinton, NorrisLewis County, MissouriMemberNone
Jenkins, GeraldGovernor of IllinoisMemberNone
McLaughlin, MikeAdams County, IllinoisMemberNone
Miller, KileyHenry County, IowaMemberNone
Roderick, BlakeHancock County, IllinoisMemberNone
Spilker, GordonMarion County, MissouriMemberNone
Wiedemeier, DanielGovernor of IowaMemberNone