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Title:Lead Safe Housing Advisory Council
Contact Name:Kert McAfee
Contact Phone:217.557-4519
Function:The council advises the Department on lead poisoning prevention activities. The council will develop handbooks and training for property owners and tenants explaining the Standards and State and federal requirements for lead-safe housing.
Term:Not specified.
Senate Confirmation:No
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:Director, Illinois Housing Development Authority Director, Environmental Protection Agency Directors of public health departments of counties identified by the Department of Public Health that contain communities with a concentration of high-risk, lead contaminated properties At least 12 members appointed by the Governor -- 1 representative from the Illinois Association of Realtors -- 1 representative from the insurance industry -- 2 pediatricians or other physicians with knowledge of lead-paint poisoning -- 2 representatives from the private-sector, lead abatement industry who are licensed in Illinois as a lead an abatement contractor, lead abatement supervisor, lead abatement worker, lead inspector, or lead risk assessor. -- 2 representatives from community based organizations with a concentration of high risk lead contaminated properties -- At least 3 lead-safe housing advocates including the parent of a lead-poisoned child, a representative from a child advocacy organization, and a representative from a tenant housing organization -- 1 representative from the Illinois paint and coatings industry Director, Public Health and Chair of the Illinois Lead Safe Housing Task Force serving as Chairs.
Authority:410 ILCS 45/11.05

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bartlett, John8/9/2004GovernorMemberCook
Binns, Helen8/9/2004GovernorMemberCook
Bodley, Claudia7/19/2004GovernorMemberCook
Evens, AnneStatuteEx-Officio, Elevate EnergyNone
Peneff, Nicholas8/9/2004GovernorMemberWinnebago
Porter-Thomas, LatriceStatuteEx-Officio, Cook County Department of Public HealthCook
Scobey, Michael7/19/2004GovernorMemberCook
Sullinger, ConnieStatuteEx-Officio, EPANone
VACANTStatuteEx-Officio, Chicago Department of Public HealthNone
VACANTStatuteEx-Officio, Kane County Health DepartmentKane
VACANTStatuteEx-Officio, Winnebago County Public Health DepartmentWinnebago
VACANTStatuteEx-Officio, Peoria City/County Health DepartmentNone
VACANTStatuteEx-Officio, Executive Director, IHDANone
VACANTStatuteChair, DPHNone
Weinberg, AnitaStatuteChair, Chair, Illinois Lead Safe Housing Task ForceNone
Zimmerman, Amy1/31/2005GovernorMemberCook