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Title:Rail Passenger Advisory Council, Interstate
Function:The Council researches the possibilities of operating an interstate rail passenger network system connecting major cities in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.
Term:Not specified.
Senate Confirmation:No
Compensation:Not specified
Composition:20 members from Illinois -- 4 appointed by Governor -- 4 appointed by Senate President -- 4 appointed by Senate Minority Leader -- 4 appointed by House Speaker -- 4 appointed by House Minority Leader
Authority:45 ILCS 77/25

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Brady, Bill8/26/2003Senate Minority LeaderMemberNone
DeWitte, Donald4/14/2021Senate Minority LeaderMemberNone
Goldrick, John R.4/21/1993GovernorMemberMcLean
Hales, Herbert8/15/1993Senate PresidentMemberNone
Jones, John O.8/26/2003Senate Minority LeaderMemberNone
Longhta, Gordon4/21/1993GovernorMemberSangamon
Martin, Timothy4/21/1993GovernorMemberNone
VACANTHouse Minority LeaderMemberNone
VACANTHouse Minority LeaderMemberNone
VACANTSpeaker of the HouseMemberNone
VACANTSpeaker of the HouseMemberNone
VACANTSpeaker of the HouseMemberNone
VACANTSpeaker of the HouseMemberNone
VACANTHouse Minority LeaderMemberNone
VACANTSenate PresidentMemberNone
VACANTSenate PresidentMemberNone
Walsh, Lawrence6/12/1997Senate PresidentMemberNone
Watson, Frank2/18/1993Senate Minority LeaderMemberNone
Young, Frank4/29/1993House Minority LeaderMemberNone