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Title:Roseland Community Medical District
Function:The Roseland Community Medical District Commission.

There is created a body politic and corporate under the corporate name of the Roseland Community Medical District Commission whose general purpose, in addition to and not in limitation of those purposes and powers set forth in this Act, is to:
(1) maintain the proper surroundings for a medical center and a related technology center in order to attract, stabilize, and retain within the District hospitals, clinics, research facilities, educational facilities, or other facilities permitted under this Act

(2) provide for the orderly creation, maintenance, development, and expansion of (i) health care facilities and other ancillary or related facilities that the Commission may from time to time determine are established and operated (A) for any aspect of the carrying out of the Commission's purposes as set forth in this Act, (B) for the study, diagnosis, and treatment of human ailments and injuries, whether physical or mental, or (C) to promote medical, surgical, and scientific research and knowledge as permitted under this Act; and (ii) medical research and high technology parks, together with the necessary lands, buildings, facilities, equipment, and personal property for those parks.

Term:Initial Terms are: 3 ending 12/31/2011, 3 ending 12/31/2012, 3 ending 12/31/2013 -- 3 year terms thereafter
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:The Commission shall consist of 9 appointed members and 3 ex officio members.

Three members shall be appointed by the Governor.
Three members shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Chicago.
Three members shall be appointed by the Chairman of the County Board of Cook County.

Ex-Officio Members include:
The Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity or his or her designee, <
The Director of Public Health or his or her designee, and
The Secretary of Human Services or his or her designee

Chair:The Commission shall elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
Authority:70 ILCS 935/5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bomar-Cole, Shirley12/31/20155/6/2014Cook County Board ChairMemberNone
Egan, Timothy12/31/20168/28/2015GovernorMemberCook
Ezike, NgoziStatuteEx-OfficioDirector of Public HealthNone
Hightower, Tiffany12/31/20159/12/2013Mayor of ChicagoMemberExecutive Director, Developing Communities ProjectNone
Hou, GraceStatuteEx-OfficioSecretary of Human ServicesNone
Lyne, Sister Sheila12/31/20139/12/2013Mayor of ChicagoMemberFormer Mercy Hospital, CEONone
McGee, Jonathan 8/21/2020StatuteEx-OfficioDirector of DCEONone
Moo-Young, Louise12/31/20142/4/2014Cook County Board ChairMemberNone
Porter, Regina12/31/20141/31/2013GovernorMemberCook
Smith, Nicholas12/31/20149/12/2013Mayor of ChicagoMemberCommunity Engagement Coordinator, Chicago State University Institute for Youth & CommunityNone
Towns, William12/31/20162/4/2014Cook County Board ChairMemberNone
Walker, Leon12/31/20151/31/2013GovernorMemberCook