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Title:Electric Vehicle Advisory Council
Contact Name:Kate Tomford
Contact Title:Illinois Energy Office, DCEO
Contact Phone:(312) 814-1985
Function:The Council shall investigate and recommend strategies that the Governor and the General Assembly may implement to promote the use of electric vehicles, including, but not limited to, potential infrastructure improvements, State and local regulatory streamlining, and changes to electric utility rates and tariffs.
Term: N/A
Senate Confirmation:No
Qualifications:(please see the Composition section)
Composition:The Council shall include all of the following members:

(1) The Electric Vehicle Coordinator to serve as chairperson.

(2) Four members of the General Assembly, one appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, one appointed by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, one appointed by the President of the Senate, and one appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate.

(3) The Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity or his or her designee.

(4) The Director of the Environmental Protection Agency or his or her designee.

(5) The Executive Director of the Illinois Commerce Commission or his or her designee.

(6) The Secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation or his or her designee.

(7) Ten at-large members appointed by the Governor as follows:
(A) two representatives of statewide environmental organizations;
(B) two representatives of national or regional environmental organizations;
(C) one representative of a nonprofit car-sharing organization;
(D) two representatives of automobile manufacturers;
(E) one representative of the City of Chicago and
(F) two representatives of electric utilities.

The Council shall report its findings to the Governor and General Assembly by December 31, 2011.

The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall provide administrative and other support to the Council.
Chair:The Electric Vehicle Coordinator (Employee of DCEO)
Authority:20 ILCS 627/20

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bingham, Samatha12/1/2011GovernorMember, City of ChicagoCook
Burkhart, Darwin StatuteDirector of IEPANone
Culler, Mary12/1/2011GovernorMember, automobile manufacturerCook
Feigon, Sharon12/1/2011GovernorMember, nonprofit car-sharing organizationCook
Fortner, Mike7/26/2011House Minority LeaderMemberNone
Gabel, Daniel12/1/2011GovernorMember, electric utilitiesCook
Garcia, SylviaStatuteDirector of DCEONone
Holmes, Linda1/24/20157/25/2013Senate PresidentMemberState SenatorNone
Medearis, Lisa8/8/2014GovernorMember, national or regional environmental organizationCook
Mikulecky, Joseph12/1/2011GovernorMember, statewide environmental organizationsMcLean
Munsch, Kristin8/8/2014GovernorMember, statewide environmental organizationsCook
Osmen, OmarStatuteDirector of IDOTBureau Chief, IDOT Business ServicesNone
Rezin, Sen. Sue 8/25/2011Senate Minority LeaderMemberNone
Schlaf, EricStatuteExecutive Director of ICCNone
Thompson, Dean8/8/2014GovernorMember, electric utilitiesMadison
Tomford, KatherinestatuteChair, Ex-Officio, Electric Vehicle CoordinatorNone
Volkmann, Curt8/8/2014GovernorMember, national or regional environmental organizationCook
Williams, Ann 7/14/2011Speaker of the HouseMemberState RepresentativeNone
Woodard, Tracy 12/1/2011GovernorMember, automobile manufacturerWashington