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Title:Sustainable Agriculture Committee
Website:Sustainable Agriculture Committee
Contact Name:Joe Bybee
Contact Title:815.787.5480
Function:Seeks funding for research on methods of production agriculture resulting in highest rate of return and preservation of environment and farmland.
Term:5 years.
Senate Confirmation:No
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:Citizen members to have interest in higher education but not employed by, profession affiliated with, or members of governing board of any higher education institution in the state.
Compensation:Not specified
Composition:7 members -1 representing and appointed by the Governor -1 representing and appointed by IBHE -1 representing and appointed by Dept. of Ag -4 farmers involved in production agriculture appointed by Dept. of Ag
Authority:505 ILCS 135/5

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bishop, Dave6/30/2018Director of IDOAMember, Farmer RepresentativeMcLean
Brockman, Terra12/12/201912/12/2014GovernorMemberWoodford
Bybee, Joe6/30/2021Director of IDOAMember, Department of Ag RepresentativeNone
Glazik, Will6/30/2022Director of IDOAVice Chair, Farmer RepresentativeMadison
Gregory, Walt6/30/2015Director of IDOAChair, Farmer RepresentativeJersey
Gruver, Joel6/30/2018Illinois Board of Higher EducationVice Chair, Western Illinois UniversityMcDonough
Wallace, Chad6/30/2017Director of IDOAMember, Farmer RepresentativeCass