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Title:Structural Pest Control Advisory Council
Website:IDPH Advisory Boards
Contact Name:Ola Ajayi
Contact Title:Structural Pest Control Program Manager
Function:The Council advises department on rules for selection and application of restricted pesticides in buildings; offers suggestions for examination for licensure of commercial pest control businesses, regulation of owners or operators of non-commercial pest control locations, and certification of pest control technicians; criteria for issuance of fines.
Term:4 years, maximum of 2 consecutive terms. 
Senate Confirmation:No
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:None specified
Compensation:None specified
Composition:10 members appointed by the Governor - 1 certified technician representing food industry - 1 certified technician representing non-commercial industry other than food industry - 3 certified technicians representing commercial structural pest control industry from various geographic areas of state - 1 local health department representative - 1 college or university representative with expertise in entomology, biology, or chemistry as related to structural pest control - 1 from general public - 1 from Illinois chapter of national environmental, wildlife, or conservation group - 1 from Department of Agriculture
Chair:Director, Department of Public Health, or designee, as chairperson
Authority:225 ILCS 235/10.1

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Beallis, Jeff9/17/20229/21/2018GovernorMember, Commercial Industry RepKane
Bloomquist, Craig9/17/20229/21/2018GovernorMember, Non-commercial industry repMenard
Byrd, James Richard4/28/201611/6/2015GovernorMember, Local Health Dept RepNone
Haggerty, Charles C.4/28/20169/17/2010GovernorMember, Commercial Industry RepMcLean
Hughson, Sarah9/17/202210/5/2018GovernorMember, College/ University RepChampaign
Kath, Joe9/17/20186/14/2013GovernorMember, Environmental, Wildlife, or Conservation Group Rep.None
Kerzee, Ruth4/28/20168/22/2014GovernorMember, General PublicCook
Owens, Douglas9/17/20229/28/2018GovernorMember, Dept of Ag RepSangamon
Ruesken, Eric4/28/20162/20/2013GovernorMember, Commercial Industry RepEffingham
Stricker, Cynthia4/28/20168/22/2014GovernorMember, Food Industry RepMacon