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Title:Statewide Independent Living Council
Website:Statewide Independent Living Council
Contact Name:Tara Dunning
Contact Title:Financial Manager, Statewide Independent Living Council
Contact Phone:217-744-7777
Contact Comments:Financial Manager, Statewide Independent Living Council
Function:The Council provides guidance for development and expansion of independent living programs statewide for persons with disabilities.
Term:3 years, no more than 2 consecutive full terms.
Senate Confirmation:No
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:Representatives of state, local, and non-governmental agencies and groups concerned with services to persons with one or more disabilities; persons with one or more disabilities and parents or guardians of those persons; directors of independent living centers; representatives of private business and other appropriate organizations.
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:23 total members, including: 18 members appointed by Governor, to include: - 1 or more representatives of centers for independent living - 1 or more parents or guardians of individuals with disabilities - 1 or more advocates for individuals with disabilities - 1 or more representatives of private business - 1 or more representatives of organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities - other appropriate individuals - at least 1 director from a center for independent living chosen by directors of centers for independent living within the State of Illinois; 5 Ex-officio non-voting members: - 1 representative from the Department of Human Services responsible for the administration of the vocational rehabilitation program - 1 representative from another unit in the Department of Human Services that provides services for individuals with disabilities - 1 representative from the Department on Aging - 1 representative from the State Board of Education - 1 representative from the Department on Children and Family Services
Chair:Elected by the board
Authority:20 ILCS 2405/12a(D)

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Austin, Anna6/30/20237/1/2020StatuteEx-Officio, Member, DHS, Division of VRNone
Baker, Heather6/30/202511/5/2019GovernorMember, Community RepresentativeRichland
Bryant, Lauren6/30/20247/1/2021GovernorMember, Service Representative
Campuzano, Jesus6/30/202411/13/2019GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeCook
Cesal, Lisa6/30/20242/22/2021GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeDuPage
Danielson, Colleen Emma6/30/202411/1/2019GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeSangamon
Davidsmeyer, Peggy 6/30/202411/18/2022GovernorMember, INCIL RepresentativeBlank
Deegan, Amy6/30/20237/1/2020StatuteEx-Officio, Member, ISBENone
Galligan, Patrick6/30/20248/10/2018GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeMadison
Gordon, Timotheus6/30/20257/8/2022GovernorAdvocate/Parent with a person with a disabilityNone
Heflin, Edward6/30/20243/30/2022GovernorVice-chair, Member, Disability RepresentativeMcDonough
Hultgren, Christine6/30/202310/26/2017GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeRock Island
Jackson, Hershel6/30/202312/17/2019GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeRock Island
Lee, Nafia6/30/20247/1/2021GovernorMember, Advocate for Persons with Disabilities None
Machay, Norma6/30/20227/1/2017StatuteEx-Officio, Member, DCFSNone
Maloney, Ryan6/30/20248/24/2018GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeKnox
Medley, Andrea6/30/202110/9/2018StatuteEx-Officio, Member, DHS, Division of DDNone
Ohashi, Akie Grace6/30/20247/1/2021GovernorMember, Advocates for Persons with Disabilities
Pak, Jae Jin6/30/20223/31/2017GovernorChair, Disability RepresentativeCook
Paschedag, John6/30/20247/1/2021GovernorMember, Disability Representative
Tsao, Grace6/30/20256/29/2018GovernorSecretary, Disability RepresentativeCook
Wilkerson, Dana6/30/20237/1/2020StatuteEx-Officio, Member, Department on AgingNone
Witherell, Sara6/30/20245/12/2022GovernorMember, Disability RepresentativeBlank