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Title:State Universities Retirement System Board of Trustees
Website:State Universities Retirement System Board of Trustees
Contact Name:Suzanne Mayer
Contact Title:Executive Director, Board of Trustees, State Universities Retirement System
Function:The Board administers State Universities Retirement System that provides annuities to faculty and nonacademic employees of state universities and colleges, Class 1 community colleges, scientific surveys, and other related agencies.
Term:After an initial period of staggered terms consisting of either 3 year or 6 year terms, terms for the trustees shall be 6 years.
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:See composition
Composition:11 trustees as follows: - Chair of Higher Education - 4 trustees appointed by the Governor, who are not members of the system, who shall not hold an elected state office. The term of an appointed trustee shall terminate immediately upon becoming a member of the system or being sworn into an elective State office, and the position shall be considered to be vacant - 4 participating employees who are active participants elected by active participants (max. 2 from U of I) - 2 annuitant trustees elected by annuitants (max. 1 from U of I)
Chair:Appointed by the Governor from among the trustees
Authority:40 ILCS 5/15‑159

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Atkinson, John1/31/20258/2/2019StatuteChairCook
Bodnaruk, Andriy7/1/20277/1/2021StatuteMember, Contributing Member TrusteeCook
Figueroa, Richard7/1/20274/5/2019GovernorMemberCook
Flaherty, Jamie-Clare6/29/20243/29/2019GovernorMemberCook
Giertz, Fred7/1/20217/1/2015StatuteMember, Annuitant TrusteeChampaign
Hendrie, Scott7/1/20273/10/2020GovernorMemberChampaign
Lyons, John7/1/20243/29/2019GovernorMemberLake
Rock, Steven7/1/20247/15/2015StatuteMember, Contributing Member TrusteeMcDonough
Van Meter, Collin7/1/20247/1/2018StatuteMember, Contributing Member TrusteeMadison
Vogel, Mitchell7/1/20218/1/2019StatuteMember, Annuitant TrusteeCook
Weisbenner, Scott 7/1/20277/1/2021StatuteMember, Contributing Member TrusteeChampaign