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Title:State Employees Retirement System
Website:State Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees
Contact Name:Tim Blair
Contact Title:Director, State Employees Retirement System
Contact Phone:217.785.7016
Contact Comments:Director, State Employees Retirement System
Function:The Board administers the State Employees' Retirement System which provides retirement annuities and other benefits to retired or disabled state employees.
Term:5 years
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Party Affiliation:N/A
Qualifications:None specified
Composition:Board of 13 trustees as follows: - the State Comptroller serves as Chair - 6 trustees appointed by the Governor, who are not members of the system, who shall not hold an elected office - 4 trustees who are active participants, having at least 8 years of creditable service, elected by active participants - 2 annuitants, who has been an annuitant for at least one full year, elected by annuitants
Chair:State Comptroller
Authority:40 ILCS 5/14‑134

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Baird, Barbara7/14/20247/15/2019StatuteMember, Annuitant TrusteeNone
Black, Amold7/14/20244/26/2022StatuteMember, Active Participant / Contributing Member TrusteeNone
Donvan, Mark6/29/202212/29/2021GovernorMemberSangamon
Hawk, Jeremy7/14/20244/19/2016StatuteMember, Active Participant / Contributing Member TrusteeNone
Jenkins, Carl6/29/20198/31/2015GovernorMemberCook
Koenig III, Ray6/29/20272/14/2022GovernorMemberCook
Matthews, Jack7/15/20267/15/2021StatuteMember, Active Participant / Contributing Member TrusteeNone
Mendoza, SusanaStatuteChairComptrollerNone
Morris, David 7/14/20246/29/2009StatuteVice Chairperson, Active Participant / Contributing Member TrusteeNone
Ramirez, Jameson 6/29/202512/13/2021GovernorMemberMacoupin
Silverthorn, Danny6/29/20196/29/2009GovernorMemberPeoria
Tilden, John7/14/20217/13/2016StatuteMember, Annuitant TrusteeNone
Wilkins, Melverta6/29/20242/28/2022GovernorMemberNone