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Title:Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board
Website:Real Estate Administration and Disciplinary Board
Contact Name:Jennifer Rossiter Moreno; Laurie Murphy
Contact Title:Operations Manager for the Director of Real Estate for IDFPR
Contact Phone:312.814.5325
Contact Comments:
Function:The Board recommends discipline for violations of the Real Estate Licensing Act of 2000; advises the Director on professional conduct, education requirements and industry trends.
Term:4 years; no member to serve more than 10 years.
Senate Confirmation:No
Party Affiliation:Not considered
Qualifications:Resident of Illinois for 6 years.
Compensation:Expenses only
Composition:The Board shall be composed of 15 persons appointed by the Governor. Members shall be appointed to the Board subject to the following conditions: (1) All members shall have been residents and citizens of this State for at least 6 years prior to the date of appointment. (2) Twelve members shall have been actively engaged as managing brokers or brokers or both for at least the 10 years prior to the appointment, 2 of whom must possess an active pre-license instructor license. (3) Three members of the Board shall be public members who represent consumer interests. None of these members shall be (i) a person who is licensed under this Act or a similar Act of another jurisdiction, (ii) the spouse or family member of a licensee, (iii) a person who has an ownership interest in a real estate brokerage business, or (iv) a person the Department determines to have any other connection with a real estate brokerage business or a licensee.
Chair:Director of Real Estate Section, DFPR (non-voting)
Authority:225 ILCS 454/25-10

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Acosta, America10/1/202510/22/2021GovernorMember, Public Cook
Alonzo-Deubel, Loretta10/1/202611/18/2019GovernorMember, BrokerWill
Castillo, Joe10/1/20262/2/2018GovernorMember, Managing BrokerCook
Ellis, Laura K. 10/1/20262/5/2018GovernorMember, Managing Broker
Flores, Gaspar Jr.10/1/20261/22/2021GovernorMember, BrokerCook
Gutierrez, MonicaStatuteChair (non-voting)Real Estate Coordinator, IDFPR None
Herrera, Oralia10/1/202610/12/2021GovernorMember, Managing BrokerDuPage
Marvi, Shirin10/1/20261/25/2021GovernorMember, Managing BrokerNone
Meinhart, Carol10/1/20262/2/2018GovernorMember, BrokerChampaign
Nery, Joseph F.10/1/202310/12/2021GovernorMember, Public None
Oldenettel, Michael10/1/20224/29/2016GovernorMember, Managing Broker/InstructorMorgan
Pippion McGriff, Nykea10/1/202512/22/2016GovernorMember, Managing BrokerCook
Prodehl, Michael10/1/20222/2/2018GovernorMember, Managing BrokerWill
Sampah, Victoria10/1/202511/10/2022GovernorMember, Managing BrokerBlank
Ward, Everett10/1/20227/15/2016GovernorMember, Public McHenry
Willoughby, Norman10/1/202312/9/2016GovernorMember, Managing Broker/InstructorDouglas