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Title:P-20 Council
Website:Illinois P-20 Council
Contact Name:Mackenzie Eisen
Contact Title:Education Analyst Office of the Illinois Governor
Contact Phone:312.599.0566
Function:The purpose of this council is to study and make recommendations concerning education at all levels in order to avoid fragmentation of policies, promote improved teaching and learning, and continue to cultivate and demonstrate strong accountability and efficiency.
Term:Staggered terms expiring on July 1 of the first, second, or third calendar year following their appointments or until their successors are appointed and have qualified.  Staggered terms shall be determined by lot. 
Senate Confirmation:No
Composition:1) Four members of the General Assembly: One appointed by the Speaker of the House; one appointed by the Minority Leader of the House; one appointed by the President of the Senate; and one appointed by the Minority Leader of the Senate. 2) Six at-large members appointed by the Governor as follows a) One representative of civic leaders; b) One representative of local government; c) One representative of nonprofit organizations or foundations; d) One representative of trade unions; e) One representative of parents' organizations; and f) One education research expert; 3) Five members appointed by statewide business organizations and business trade associations; 4) Six members appointed by statewide professional organizations and associations representing pre-kindergarten through grade 20 teachers, community college faculty, and public university faculty; 5) Two members appointed by associations representing local school administrators and school board members; 6) One member representing community colleges, appointed by the ICC President; 7) One Member representing 4-year independent colleges and universities, appointed by a statewide organization representing private institutions of higher learning; 8) One member representing public 4-year universities, appointed jointly by the university presidents and chancellors; 9) Ex-officio members from the following State agencies, boards, commissions, and councils: a) State Superintendent of Education or his/her designee; b) Executive Director of the Board of Higher Education or his/her designee; c) President and Chief Executive Officer of the ICCB or his/her designee; d) Executive Director of the ISAC or his/her designee; e) The Co-chairpersons of the Illinois WIB or their designee; f) Director of Commerce and Economic Opportunity or his/her designee; g) Chairperson of the Illinois Early Learning Council or his/her designee; h) President of the Illinois Mathmatics and Science Academy or his/her designee.
Chair:The Governor or his/her designee
Authority:105 ILCS 5/22-45

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Bertrand, Thomas7/1/20206/29/2018Member, School Admin/BoardIASBSangamon
Bourne, Avery3/31/2021House Minority LeaderMemberState RepresentativeNone
Cross, Mark R.11/15/202111/15/2019Member, School Admin/BoardPutnam
Durham, BrianStatuteEx-Officio, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Illinois Community College BoardICCBNone
Garcia, SylviaStatuteEx-Officio, Director, DCEODCEONone
Hilgendorf, Kurt7/1/20209/27/2013Member, Education organizationCTUCook
Hunt, Erika7/1/202112/8/2009Member, Educational ResearcherISU Center for the Study of Education PolicyMcLean
Lightford, Sen. Kimberly7/1/20151/12/2011President of the SenateMemberState SenatorNone
Mason, Kristin7/1/20198/17/2018Member, Education OrganizationNational Board Resource CenterTazewell
Meyer, Cordelia12/15/201112/8/2009Member, Business OrganizationCivic CommitteeCook
Mitchell, Judy7/1/20171/11/2015Member, College and University MemberJoliet Jr. CollegeChampaign
Mitchell, Melissa7/1/20206/3/2013Member, Education OrganizationChildren's Home and AidCook
Nelson, James7/1/20209/8/2017Member, Business OrganizationIMALake
Nickens, TawanaEx-Officio, Education Organization, Adult LearningParkland College
Ostro, GingerStatuteEx-Officio Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Higher EducationNone
Pembrook, Randy7/1/20198/30/2016Member, University and College MemberChancellor-Southern Illinois UniversityJackson
Perez, Jorge7/1/201610/17/2014Member, Trade UnionHispanic American Construction and Industry AssociationCook
Rezin, Sue4/7/2021Senate Minority LeaderMemberState SenatorNone
Rico, JohnStatuteCo-Chair, Illinois Workforce Innovation BoardIWIBNone
Rodriguez, Matthew7/1/20199/16/2016Member, Parents OrganizationIllinois PTACook
Rubenstein, Kevin7/1/20188/30/2016Member, School Admin/BoardLake Bluff 65Lake
Russell, Jane7/1/202010/31/2012Member, Education OrganizationIFTCook
Smith, TonyStatuteEx-Officio, Illinois State Board of EducationISBENone
Soglin, Audrey7/1/20159/27/2012Member, Education OrganizationIEACook
Stalnos, Theodore7/1/20216/11/2018Member, Business OrganizationCalumet Area Industrial CommissionCook
Steans, Robin7/1/201912/8/2009Member, Business OrganizationSteans Family FoundationCook
Swanson, Elizabeth7/1/20183/10/2015Member, Civic OrganizationJoyce FoundationCook
Torres, JoseStatuteEx-Officio, President, Illinois Mathematics and Science AcademyIMSA PresidentNone
VACANTMember, University and College MemberNone
VACANTMember, Local GovernmentNone
VACANTMember, Non-Profit OrganizationAdvance IllinoisNone
VACANTSpeaker of the HouseMemberState RepresentativeBlank
Warfel, Linden7/1/20189/9/2016Member, University and College MemberCook
Weiner, JoyceStatuteEx-Officio, Co-Chairperson, Illinois Early Learning CouncilThe Ounce of PreventionNone
Weitzel, Lisa7/1/20195/14/2018Member, Business OrganizationIL Association of Chamber of Commerce ExecutivesCook
Zarnikow, EricStatuteEx-Officio, Executive Director of the Illinois Student Assistance CommissionISACNone