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Title:Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)
Website:Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
Contact Name:Bridget Drea
Contact Title:Assistant to the Director, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Function:The Commission is an interstate Compact agency, composed of representatives from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the United States. ORSANCO works to abate interstate water pollution in the Ohio Valley drainage of the participating States, has regulatory authority and submits an annual report of activities to the Governors and President.
Term:6 years, and until successor is appointed
Senate Confirmation:Yes
Qualifications:None specified
Compensation:Reimbursed for expenses
Composition:3 members, 2 appointed by the Governor - 2 members appointed by Governor -Director, Environmental Protection Agency, or designee
Chair:Elected by the Commission, as is the Vice Chair
Authority:45 ILCS 60/Article IV

 Member Names

Name (Last, First)Term ExpiresMember SinceAffiliationAppointed ByPositionTitleCounty
Frevert, Toby1/3/201212/29/2009GovernorMemberSangamon
Morgan, Phillip1/3/2012GovernorMemberVermilion
Willhite, MarciaStatuteChair EPA DesigneeCook