Illinois Board, Commission, Task Force and Council List

Please note: The information on this website may contain minor errors and/or omissions. The Governor's Office of Executive Appointments regularly updates the listings below to ensure the electronic file for every board, commission, task force and council is complete and accurate.

Many boards and commissions have specific membership eligibility requirements set by law, executive order, or other enacting language. Examples of these requirements include: Education, Special Knowledge/Experience, Political Affiliation or Geographic Location.

In addition, there are rules for some boards and commissions that will disqualify certain individuals from serving. One common disqualifier is current employment with the State of Illinois.

Before indicating your interest in a particular board or commission, please review any membership requirements (and any disqualifying factors) to make sure you are eligible to serve.

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 Boards and Commissions

Boards and CommissionsCategorySort
21st Century Workforce Development Fund Advisory CommitteeEconomic Development - Economic Growth2
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Board of TrusteesA
Addiction Prevention Task ForceHealth & Human Services - HealthA
Adult Use Cannabis Health Advisory CommitteeHealth & Human Services - HealthA
Advisory Board for the 21st Century Employment Grant ProgramEducation - HigherA
Advisory Council on Youth HIV/AIDS PreventionHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenA
Affirming and Inclusive Schools Task ForceEducationA
Affordable Housing Advisory CommissionHousing - Special PopulationsA
African American Employment Plan Advisory CouncilLabor & Employment - EqualityA
African American Family CommissionHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenA
Aging, Council onHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesA
Agricultural Education, Illinois Committee ForAgriculture - Education, Advisory & RegulatoryA
Alcoholism And Other Drug Dependency, Illinois Advisory Council onHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesA
Alexander-Cairo Port DistrictEconomic Development - Port DistrictsA
Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Licensing BoardRegulation - LicensingA
America's Central Port DistrictEconomic Development - Port DistrictsA
Amistad CommissionEducation - HistoricalA
Amusement Ride and Attraction Safety Board Regulation - Industry StandardsA
Arts Council, IllinoisEducation - CulturalA
Asian American Family CommissionHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenA
Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory CouncilLabor & Employment - EqualityA
Banking Board of Illinois, StateRegulation - Industry StandardsB
Blind Services Planning CouncilHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesB
Boiler And Pressure Vessel Rule, Board ofRegulation - Industry StandardsB
Broadband Advisory CouncilEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentB
Budgeting for Results CommissionB
Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Labor & Employment - EqualityB
Capital Development BoardEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentC
Capitol Historic Preservation BoardEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentC
Census Advisory PanelState Government- OperationsC
Central Illinois Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentC
Central Midwest Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste CommissionEnvironment/Conservation - NuclearC
Chicago State University, Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherC
Chicago Transit Authority BoardTransportation - Regional & StateC
Chicago-Gary Regional Airport Authority BoardTransportation - AirC
Children And Family Services Advisory CouncilHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenC
Children's Mental Health Partnership, IllinoisHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenC
Civil Service CommissionState Government - OperationsC
Clean Energy Community Foundation, IllinoisEnvironment/Conservation - Fuels & EnergyC
Climate Change Advisory Group, IllinoisEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesC
Coal Development BoardEnvironment/Conservation - Fuels & EnergyC
Collaborative Pharmaceutical Task ForceRegulation - Industry StandardsC
Commerce Commission, IllinoisRegulation - Industry StandardsC
Commission on Police ProfessionalismPublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementC
Community And Residential Services AuthorityHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenC
Community College Board, IllinoisEducationC
Compliance Advisory Panel, StateEnvironment/Conservation - SupportC
Comprehensive Health Insurance Board, IllinoisHealth & Human Services - HealthC
Concealed Carry Licensing Review BoardPublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyC
Conservation Foundation, IllinoisEnvironment/Conservation - SupportC
Coroner Training BoardRegulation - LicensingC
Court of ClaimsState Government - Administrative BodiesC
Courts Commission, IllinoisState Government - The Judiciary & JusticeC
Credit Union Advisors, Board ofEconomic Development - FinancialC
Criminal Justice Information Authority, IllinoisPublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementC
Deaf And Hard of Hearing CommissionHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesD
Deaf-Blind Individuals, Advisory Board for Services forHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesD
Delta Regional AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentD
Department of Corrections Advisory BoardPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsD
Department of State Police Merit Board, IllinoisState Government - Administrative BodiesD
Developmental Disabilities, Illinois Council onHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesD
Discrimination And Hate Crimes, Commission on Health & Human Services - Discrimination & AbuseD
DREAM Fund Commission, Illinois EducationD
Drycleaner Environmental Response Trust Fund CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - SupportD
DUI Cannabis Task ForcePublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyD
Early Learning Council, IllinoisEducation - Pre-K to 12E
Eastern Illinois Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentE
Eastern Illinois University Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherE
Education Commission of the States Education - Pre-K to 12E
Education of Children with Disabilities, Advisory Council onEducation - Pre-K to 12E
Education, State Board ofEducation - Pre-K to 12E
Educational Labor Relations BoardLabor and Employment - Labor-Management RelationsE
Elections, State Board ofState Government - Administrative BodiesE
Electric Vehicle Advisory CouncilState Government - OperationsE
Elevator Safety Review BoardRegulation - Industry StandardsE
Elimination of Poverty, Commission on the Health & Human Services - Human ServicesE
Elmwood Park Grade Separation AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentE
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council, StateHealth & Human Services - HealthE
Emergency Medical Services Disciplinary Review Board, StateRegulation - LicensingE
Employees with Disabilities, Interagency Committee onState Government - OperationsE
Employment and Economic Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities Task ForceHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesE
Employment Security Advisory BoardLabor & Employment - EmploymentE
Employment Security Board of ReviewLabor & Employment - EmploymentE
End Hunger, Commission toHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesE
Endangered Species Protection BoardEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesE
Enterprise Zone BoardEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentE
Entrepreneurship Education, Illinois Institute forEducation - HigherE
Environmental Justice, Commission onEnvironment/Conservation - SupportE
Environmental Resources Training Center Advisory CommitteeEnvironment/Conservation - WaterE
Ethanol Research Advisory Board, IllinoisEnvironment/Conservation - Fuels & EnergyE
Examiners, Illinois Board ofRegulation - LicensingE
Executive Ethics CommissionState Government- OperationsE
Finance Authority, IllinoisEconomic Development - FinancialF
Fire Advisory Commission, IllinoisPublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyF
Fire Fighting Medal of Honor CommitteePublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyF
Firefighters' Pension Investment Fund Labor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsF
Flood Control CommissionEnvironment/Conservation - WaterF
Forensic Science Task Force Public Safety & Military - Public SafetyF
Forestry Development Council, IllinoisEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesF
Gaming Board, IllinoisRegulation - LicensingG
Geographic Information Council, IllinoisState Government- OperationsG
Global Partnership, Inc. Board, IllinoisEconomic Development - Economic GrowthG
Governor's Opioid Overdose Prevention and Recovery Steering CommitteeHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesG
Governors State University Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherG
Governor's Travel Control BoardState Government- OperationsG
Grand Avenue Railroad Relocation AuthorityTransportation - RailG
Great Lakes CommissionEnvironment/Conservation - WaterG
Great Lakes Protection FundEnvironment/Conservation - WaterG
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - WaterG
Groundwater Advisory CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - WaterG
Guardianship And Advocacy CommissionHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesG
Havana Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsH
Health Care Worker Task ForceHealth & Human Services - HealthH
Health Facilities and Services Review BoardHealth & Human Services - HealthH
Health in All Policies WorkgroupPublic HealthH
Health Information Exchange AuthorityHealth & Human Services - HealthH
Health Policy Center Advisory PanelHealth & Human Services - HealthH
Health, State Board ofHealth & Human Services - HealthH
Heart of Illinois Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsH
High School Association Liaison Representatives, IllinoisEducation - Pre-K to 12H
Higher Education, Board ofEducationH
Hispanic Employment Plan Advisory CouncilLabor & Employment - EqualityH
Holocaust and Genocide Commission, IllinoisEducation - CulturalH
Hospital Basic Services Review BoardPublic HealthH
Hospital Licensing BoardRegulation - Industry StandardsH
Housing Appeals BoardHousing - Advisory & RegulatoryH
Housing Development Authority, IllinoisHousing - Advisory & RegulatoryH
Housing Task ForceHousing - Advisory & RegulatoryH
Human Rights CommissionHealth & Human Services - Discrimination & AbuseH
Humanities Council, IllinoisEducation - CulturalH
Illinois African-American Fair Contracting CommissionLabor & Employment - EmploymentI
Illinois Complete Count CommissionState Government - OperationsI
Illinois Council on Women and GirlsHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesI
Illinois Drug and Therapeutics Advisory BoardHealth & Human Services - HealthI
Illinois Independent Tax Tribunal State Government - Administrative BodiesI
Illinois Interagency Council on Early InterventionHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenI
Illinois Joining Forces FoundationPublic Safety & Military - VeteransI
Illinois Mathematics And Science Academy Board of TrusteesEducation - Pre-K to 12I
Illinois Muslim American Advisory CouncilHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenI
Illinois River Coordinating CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - WaterI
Illinois Route 66 Centennial CommissionEducation - HistoricalI
Illinois Single Audit CommissionGrant-makingI
Illinois State University, Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherI
Illinois Valley Regional Port DistrictEconomic Development - Port DistrictsI
Illinois Workforce Innovation BoardLabor & Employment - EmploymentI
Illinois Works Review PanelLabor & Employment - EmploymentI
Immigration Task ForceHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesI
Internal Audit Advisory BoardState Government - OperationsI
International Port District Board, Illinois Economic Development - Port DistrictsI
Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision State CouncilPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsI
Interstate Compact for JuvenilesHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenI
Investment Policy Board, IllinoisI
Investment, Illinois State Board ofEconomic Development - FinancialI
Jackson-Union Counties Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsJ
Joint Advisory Council of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College BoardEducation - HigherJ
Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying ReformState Government - Administrative BodiesJ
Joliet Arsenal Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentJ
Joliet Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsJ
Judicial Inquiry BoardState Government - The Judiciary & JusticeJ
Juvenile Advisory Board Public Safety & Military - JuvenilesJ
Juvenile Justice CommissionPublic Safety & Military - JuvenilesJ
Kaskaskia Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsK
Labor Advisory BoardLabor and Employment - Labor-Management RelationsL
Labor Relations Board, IllinoisLabor and Employment - Labor-Management RelationsL
Latino Family Commission, IllinoisHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenL
Law Enforcement Medal of Honor CommitteePublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementL
Law Enforcement Training And Standards Board, IllinoisPublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementL
Lawrenceville-Vincennes Bi-State Airport AuthorityTransportation - AirL
Lead-safe Housing Advisory Council Housing - Advisory & RegulatoryL
Liquor Control Commission, IllinoisRegulation - Industry StandardsL
Livestock Commissioners, Advisory Board ofAgriculture - Education, Advisory & RegulatoryL
Local Food, Farms, and Jobs CouncilAgriculture - Local & SustainableL
Local Records CommissionState Government - Local GovernmentL
Logan Square, Avondale and Hermosas Expanded Mental Health Services Program and Governing CommissionHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesL
Lottery Control BoardRegulation - Industry StandardsL
Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task ForceM
Main Street Advisory Council, IllinoisEconomic Development - Economic GrowthM
Massac-Metropolis Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsM
McCormick Place Advisory BoardEconomic Development - Economic GrowthM
Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Task ForceM
Medical Disciplinary Board, Illinois StateHealth & Human Services - HealthM
Medical District CommissionHealth & Human Services - HealthM
Medical District Commission, Mid-America Health & Human Services - HealthM
Medical District, Mid-IllinoisHealth & Human Services - HealthM
Medical Licensing BoardRegulation - LicensingM
Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Data WorkgroupHealth & Human Services - HealthM
Metro East Police District CommissionPublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementM
Metropolitan Pier And Exposition AuthorityEconomic Development - Economic GrowthM
Mid-America Intermodal Authority Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsM
Mid-America Port CommissionEconomic Development - Port DistrictsM
Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail CommissionTransportation - RailM
Midwestern Higher Education CompactEducation - HigherM
Military Economic Development CommitteeM
Miners' Examining BoardRegulation - LicensingM
Mining Board, StateRegulation - Industry StandardsM
Mississippi River Coordinating CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - WaterM
Move Over Task ForcePublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyM
Mt. Carmel Regional Port District M
Municipal Clerks Training Institute CommitteeState Government - Local GovernmentM
Museum Board, Illinois State Education - HistoricalM
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws State Government - Documents & LegislationN
Native American Employment Plan Advisory CouncilLabor & Employment - EqualityN
Natural Resources Advisory Board, Department ofN
Nature Preserves CommissionEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesN
New Harmony Bridge AuthorityTransportation - Regional & StateN
North River Expanded Mental Health Services Program and Governing CommissionHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesN
Northeastern Illinois University Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherN
Northern Illinois University, Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherN
Offshore Wind Energy Economic Development Policy Task ForceEnvironment/Conservation - Fuels & EnergyO
Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO)Environment/Conservation - WaterO
Oil Compact Commission, InterstateEnvironment/Conservation - Fuels & EnergyO
Older Adult Services Advisory CommitteeHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesO
Ottawa Port DistrictEconomic Development - Port DistrictsO
P-20 CouncilEducation - Pre-K to 12P
Pharmacy, State Board ofHealth & Human Services - HealthP
Physician Assistant Advisory Committee to Medical Licensing BoardHealth & Human Services - HealthP
Plain Language Task Force, IllinoisState Government - Documents & LegislationP
Plumbing Code Advisory CouncilRegulation - Industry StandardsP
Police Officers' Pension Investment FundLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsP
Pollution Control BoardEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesP
Prisoner Review BoardPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsP
Procurement Policy BoardState Government - OperationsP
Property Tax Appeal BoardState Government - Local GovernmentP
Property Tax Relief Task ForceTaxpayer Action BoardsP
Protection of Individuals with Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System Task ForceHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesP
Public Administrators And Public GuardiansHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesP
Quad Cities Interstate Metropolitan Authority Compact BoardEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentQ
Quad Cities Outsourcing Prevention Task ForceEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentQ
Quad Cities Regional Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentQ
Quality Care BoardHealth & Human Services - Discrimination & AbuseQ
Quality of Life BoardHealth & Human Services - HealthQ
Racial Profiling Prevention And Data Oversight BoardPublic Safety & Military - Law EnforcementR
Racing Board, IllinoisRegulation - Industry StandardsR
Rail Passenger Advisory Council, InterstateTransportation - RailR
Railsplitter Tobacco Settlement AuthorityState Government - OperationsR
Rare Disease CommissionR
Real Estate Administration And Disciplinary BoardRegulation - LicensingR
Real Estate Appraisal Administration and Disciplinary BoardRegulation - LicensingR
Regulations And Site Remediation Advisory CommitteeEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesR
Rehabilitation Advisory Council, StateHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesR
Reimbursement Appeals, Board ofHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesR
Responsible Fatherhood, Council onHealth & Human Services - Families & ChildrenR
Restore, Reinvest, and Renew Program BoardEconomic Development - FinancialR
Riverdale Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentR
Roseland Community Medical DistrictEconomic Development - Economic GrowthR
Rural Affairs Council, Governor's Economic Development - Economic GrowthR
Rural Development Task ForceAgriculture - Education, Advisory & RegulatoryR
School Construction Task ForceEducationS
Secure Choice Savings BoardRetirement SecurityS
Seneca Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsS
Sentencing Policy Advisory Council, IllinoisPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsS
Sex Offender Management BoardPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsS
Shawneetown Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsS
Smart Grid Advisory Council S
Social Security Number Protection Task ForceState Government - OperationsS
Soil And Water Conservation Districts Advisory Board, StateEnvironment/Conservation - Natural ResourcesS
South Suburban Brownfields Advisory CouncilEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentS
Southeastern Illinois Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentS
Southern Illinois Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentS
Southern Illinois University, Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherS
Southwest Regional Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsS
Southwest Suburban Railroad Redevelopment Authority BoardTransportation - RailS
Southwestern Illinois Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentS
Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan And Regional Planning CommissionEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentS
Sports Facilities Authority, Downstate IllinoisEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentS
Sports Facilities Authority, IllinoisEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentS
State Appellate Defender CommissionState Government - The Judiciary & JusticeS
State Employees Retirement SystemState Government - Administrative BodiesS
State Fair Advisory BoardState Government - OperationsS
State Health Improvement Plan Implementation Coordination CouncilHealth & Human Services - HealthS
State Sponsored Health Clinic Task ForceState Government - OperationsS
State Universities Retirement System, Board of TrusteesState Government - Administrative BodiesS
State Use CommitteeState Government - OperationsS
State Workers' Compensation Program Advisory BoardS
Statewide 9-1-1 Advisory BoardPublic Safety & Military - Public SafetyS
Statewide Independent Living CouncilHealth & Human Service - DisabilitiesS
Statutory Court Fee Task ForceState Government - The Judiciary & JusticeS
Steering Committee for the Millenium Reserve S
Strengthening Child Welfare Workforce for Children and Families, Task Force on Health & Human Services - Families & ChildrenS
Structural Pest Control Advisory CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - SupportS
Student Assistance Commission, IllinoisEducationS
Supreme Court Historic Preservation Commission, TheEducation - HistoricalS
Sustainable Agriculture CommitteeAgriculture - Local & SustainableS
Task Force on Children of Incarcerated Parents Health & Human Services - Families & ChildrenT
Task Force on Disability Income Insurance and Parity for Behavioral Health ConditionsHealth & Human Services - HealthT
Task Force on Opportunities for At-Risk WomenEconomic Development - Economic GrowthT
Teacher Retirement Insurance Program CommitteeLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsT
Teachers' Retirement System, Board of TrusteesLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsT
Toll Highway Authority, Illinois StateTransportation - Regional & StateT
Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission, IllinoisHealth & Human Services - Discrimination & AbuseT
Transititional Housing for Sex Offenders, Task Force onPublic Safety & Military - CorrectionsT
Trauma Advisory Council, StateHealth & Human Services - HealthT
Tri‑County River Valley Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentT
University of Illinois Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherU
Upper Illinois River Valley Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentU
Upper Mississippi River International Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsU
Urban Development Authority, IllinoisEconomic Development - Capital DevelopmentU
Violence Prevention Task ForceHealth & Human Services - HealthV
Volunteerism And Community Service, Illinois Commission onHealth & Human Services - HealthV
Wabash And Ohio River Coordinating CouncilEnvironment/Conservation - WaterW
Wabash Valley Interstate CommissionEnvironment/Conservation - WaterW
Water Supply Operator's Advisory BoardEnvironment/Conservation - WaterW
Waukegan Port District BoardEconomic Development - Port DistrictsW
Weatherization Initiative BoardEconomic Development - FinancialW
West Cook Railroad Relocation And Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentW
West Side Expanded Mental Health Services Program and Governing CommissionW
Western Illinois Economic Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentW
Western Illinois University Board of TrusteesEducation - HigherW
White County Port DistrictEconomic Development - Port DistrictsW
Will County Metropolitan Exposition And Auditorium AuthorityEconomic Development - Economic GrowthW
Will Kankakee Regional Development AuthorityEconomic Development - Regional DevelopmentW
Workers' Compensation Advisory BoardLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsW
Workers' Compensation CommissionLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsW
Workers' Compensation Commission ArbitratorsState Government - Administrative BodiesW
Workers' Compensation Commission Review BoardLabor and Employment - Labor-Management RelationsW
Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Advisory BoardLabor and Employment - Compensation & BenefitsW
Youth Budget CommissionHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesY
Youth Development Council, IllinoisEducation - Pre-K to 12Y
Youth Homelessness Prevention SubcommitteeHealth & Human Services - Human ServicesY