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Public Key Infrastructure Cryptography Key Infrastructure CryptographyA digital certificate used to digitally sign a file, document or email.
Electronic Pay Stub System (ePASS) Pay Stub System (ePASS)A secure web-based application for employees to view current and past pay stubs electronically.
Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN) Wireless Information Network (IWIN)IWIN provides a fast, reliable and secure wide area data network for Federal, State, County and local government wireless users.
Enterprise Email EmailPlatform for seamless inter-agency email collaboration.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet Surface Pro 4 Tablet
iPhone SE (16GB) SE (16GB)This advanced iPhone SE features the A9 chip.
LIMITED SUPPLY Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet w/4G LTE SUPPLY Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet w/4G LTEThe Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet with 4G LTE is quite versatile. It is adaptable to office use as a laptop with kickstand or can support mobile use as a tablet for active tasking.
HP Executive Laptop (4GB) Executive Laptop (4GB)

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