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    DoIT is leading a digital transformation toward an enterprise approach to improve service delivery.

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Illinois Wireless Information Network (IWIN) Wireless Information Network (IWIN)IWIN provides a fast, reliable and secure wide area data network for Federal, State, County and local government wireless users.
Remote Work WorkOnline Remote Assistance for State of Illinois Employees
Electronic Pay Stub System (ePASS) Pay Stub System (ePASS)A secure web-based application for employees to view current and past pay stubs electronically.
Public Key Infrastructure Cryptography Key Infrastructure CryptographyA digital certificate used to digitally sign a file, document or email.
Radio Communications- STARCOM21 Communications- STARCOM21Two-way radio communication services.
Central Time & Attendance System with eTime Time & Attendance System with eTimeEmployee timekeeping processing and management benefit system.
Central Payroll System (CPS) Payroll System (CPS)Common payroll processing and management system.
Enterprise Email EmailPlatform for seamless inter-agency email collaboration.

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