State of Illinois Cybersecurity Strategy

State Capitol

​State of Illinois Cybersecurity Strategy

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Our vision for a more efficient, accessible, competitive and compassionate Illinois is being realized. The State of Illinois' Digital Transformation is playing a key role by delivering best-in-class innovation and technology which is fostering collaboration, empowering state agencies to provide better services to our residents and maximizing the value of taxpayer resources.

Our expansion of the use of mobile technologies is providing ease in doing business with the state and enabling a more seamless engagement with our constituency. Illinois is unleashing the value of data resulting in rapid, more informed decision-making which is helping to protect our citizens. Illinois is leading the nation toward the development of a "Smart State" and increasing the numbers of digital firms being launched in Illinois each year.

Our reliance on information systems continues to grow. Technology makes our world increasingly open with access to information in the palms of our hands. However, the services that we provide our citizens and the information we are entrusted with are increasingly at risk due to the cyber-threat.

Each day, cyber-criminals and other attackers attempt to gain access to our systems to disrupt state operations and steal the personal information of our citizens, employees and other constituents. States are increasingly targeted and these threats pose daily risks to Illinois' ability to serve its citizens and protect critical and confidential information. As part of Executive Order 2016-01, which created the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT), policies and procedures were implemented to ensure the security of the state's information and systems. This strategy forms a solid foundation for the ongoing development and improvement of our cybersecurity capabilities and effectuates that protection.

The State of Illinois Cybersecurity Strategy has been developed in partnership with stakeholders across state government as well as other private and public sector stakeholders. The National Governors Association provided significant support as part of its Policy Academy for State Cybersecurity, which has facilitated collaboration across states as well as enabled vetting and finalization of the strategy. The cybersecurity challenges we face are significant and Illinois is committed to establishing one of the most cyber-secure states in the nation.