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The Illinois Transparency & Accountability Portal web site is presented to the citizens of Illinois as a single point of reference to review how their tax dollars are being spent to support state government programs. The Illinois Transparency & Accountability Portal includes information about state employee pay, state agency expenditures, state agency contracts, corporate accountability and professional licenses.

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Corporate Accountability AccountabilityIllinois Corporate Accountability Progress Reports
State Employee Data/sites/itap/Pages/State-Employee-Data.aspxState Employee DataState employee pay and personnel information is provided in the datasets.
Professional License Look-up License Look-upThe Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation provide online public access through its 'License Lookup' to search and verify all Illinois professional license holders.
State Contracts ContractsThe information made available in this database comes directly from the Comptroller's records center. This live database is meant to provide a better understanding of where state tax dollars go, and which non-governmental organizations have contracts with the State of Illinois.
Annual Financial Reports for Local Government Units Financial Reports for Local Government UnitsAnnual Financial Reports are self-reported financial records, summarizing the revenues, expenditures, fund balance and debt of units of local government throughout the state.
State Expenditures ExpendituresThe expense database allows taxpayers to see how public dollars are spent. Information provided by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller allows users to identify any state spending
Sales and Use Tax Registration Certificate Revocation /sites/itap/Pages/Sales-and-Use-Tax-Registration-Certificate-Revocation.aspxSales and Use Tax Registration Certificate Revocation Sales and Use Tax Registration Certificate Revocation by the taxpayer’s business name and address or Account ID.
Tax Expenditure Report Expenditure ReportThis report provides analyses of tax breaks worth more than $100 million using data provided by the state government entities that oversee them. In addition to the report, the unaudited data filed with the Comptroller's Office can be accessed through an online database.

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