Serve Illinois Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service


  • COVID-19 Response

    The State of Illinois and its community partners are working to ensure the health of our citizens. To do that, we need your help. The spirit of volunteerism and community service are alive and well during COVID-19. Those that are considering volunteering have options, both in-person options as well as virtual efforts.

  • Support the Serve Illinois Foundation

    Donations made to the Serve Illinois Foundation support the year round work of Illinois volunteers. Help us recruit, recognize and retain those serving communities throughout Illinois.

  • Volunteer of the Week - James DeLoach

    As many face uncertainties about where their next meal may come from during the COVID-19 pandemic, James DeLoach stepped up at Lakeview Pantry in Chicago to ensure that those in need receive food swiftly and safely. James is a high school math and science teacher. He has been volunteering at Lakeview Pantry since summer 2019, but he has truly stepped up during the crisis and volunteers several days out of the week.

  • Join AmeriCorps!

    AmeriCorps is your moment to take the path less traveled, to break the status quo, to stop talking about the problem and be the solution. Join AmeriCorps and you can mentor and tutor kids, rebuild a community after disaster, help veterans, or work with local communities to alleviate poverty. There are thousands of opportunities to choose from, find the one that fits you!

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