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AmeriCorps Funds Now Available from Serve Illinois
Grants designed to improve and strengthen Illinois communities

AmeriCorps LogoFunding is available for agencies interested in administering AmeriCorps programs in Illinois! The grant places AmeriCorps Members in communities to improve education and health care, protect public safety, safeguard the environment, provide disaster relief, and promoting civic engagement through service. Last year, Serve Illinois’ AmeriCorps programs invested over $87 million into Illinois communities and served nearly 400,000 people.

Serve Illinois administers the AmeriCorps state programs in Illinois and is charged with enhancing and supporting community volunteerism. Serve Illinois is funded by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service and currently supports 45 AmeriCorps programs throughout the state.

AmeriCorps members receive student loan deferment and training. Full-time members are also eligible to receive a modest living allowance and health insurance. Members who successfully complete their service receive an educational award to help pay for college, graduate school, vocational training, or to pay off student loans. If the member is 55 or over, they may transfer the education award to a child, grandchild, or foster child.

Serve Illinois will host mandatory webinars in October. Applications are due by December 31, 2018. Funded programs will begin their work in July or August of 2019.

Nominate a Volunteer for Illinois' Volunteer of the Week

Volunteers Each week we feature a new person or group as Illinois' Volunteer of the Week. Since we began, the hard work of hundreds of Illinoisans has been hightlighted, and we are just getting started!

Do you know a volunteer that is doing amazing things in your community that you would like to get the attention they deserve? Nominate them!


 Volunteer of the Week

Michelle Ramirez

Michelle RamirezMichelle Ramirez has been selected as Volunteer of the Week due to her growth and development during her year of AmeriCorps service. Recently, United Way of Metro Chicago held their Second Annual End of the Year Celebration for AmeriCorps Program 2017-2018 Members committing a year of their lives to service. At the celebration, Michelle received the Member of the Year Award.

When Michelle started her service, one could describe Michelle as “fresh”. She was fresh out of college, fresh out of “young adulthood,” but most importantly fresh into the community of Cicero. Although Michelle had lived in Cicero for over 10 years, she did not realize how much work was being done in Cicero by community organizations. She has been able to learn about important changes implemented in the community and has had opportunities to network with organizations outside of Cicero.

Michelle’s AmeriCorps Program Manager, Bianca Cotton, describes Michelle’s work ethic as nothing short of amazing. “By coming in everyday and creating a jolly work environment with her energetic personality,” says Cotton.

When Michelle began her program, she had set views of the community and society. She has now grown to view issues through a different lens. Michelle has learned that things are not always black and white and there is always room for a grey area. When the organization reaches a sensitive topic, Michelle describes her point of view but is always receptive to other opinions. She is now able to hold a variety of conversations and think of how others might view the certain topic.

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