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Serve Illinois Announces $35.7 Million For AmeriCorps Programs
45 programs will place more than 1,800 AmeriCorps Members in over 70 counties

AmeriCorps LogoWe are excited to announce $20 million in Corporation for National and Community Service federal grants to place 1,830 AmeriCorps Members in 45 programs to serve Illinois communities. This is an increase of $2.5 million over last year, allowing AmeriCorps Members to serve in seven additional programs. These awards include $7.4 million in education awards that AmeriCorps Members can use to pay for college after their term of service. AmeriCorps programs will match these funds with an additional $15.7 million in local funding. The total investment into Illinois communities will be $35.7 million!

AmeriCorps Members dedicate up to one year to help communities with unmet economic, education, health, public safety, disaster preparedness, veteran services, and environmental needs. Members may receive a modest living allowance, student loan deferment, health insurance, childcare, and professional development. Members who successfully complete their service receive an educational award of up to $5,920 to help pay for college, graduate school, vocational training, or to pay off student loans.

Since 1994, more than 41,000 Illinoisans have served 59 million hours through AmeriCorps. Those hours equal more than $1.5 billion in community impact. They have also earned $140.8 million in education awards.

Nominate a Volunteer for Illinois' Volunteer of the Week

Volunteers Each week we feature a new person or group as Illinois' Volunteer of the Week. Since we began, the hard work of hundreds of Illinoisans has been hightlighted, and we are just getting started!

Do you know a volunteer that is doing amazing things in your community that you would like to get the attention they deserve? Nominate them!


 Volunteer of the Week

Amanda Martin

Amanda MartinAmanda Martin was nominated because she gets things done. As a member of Illinois JusticeCorps in Bloomington, IL, she has been an important part of the team helping people without attorneys navigate the court system in McLean County. She was eager to learn all the procedures and forms so that she could be a strong asset to the program when people come to the law library for assistance. The Illinois JusticeCorps program helps educate so many people about family law issues, ranging from order of protection to guardianship to parenting plans. To further her understanding, she and the team attended a local training put on by the McLean County Bar Association focusing on family law issues. There, the members were able to learn from local attorneys and interact with the local bar. One attorney kept referring to Amanda and the team as the Justice League instead of JusticeCorps. Well, maybe Justice League was a more fitting title after all.

After the training, in the parking lot, that same attorney called out, “Hey Justice League, hey Justice League, I need your help!” Amanda and the team immediately sprang into action. They were called over because a bunch of ducklings had gotten trapped in a storm drain. The mama duck circling around the drain is what drew the attention initially. A city employee removed the cover, but it was a deep, narrow drain. Amanda didn’t hesitate and lowered herself right in the drain to help release the ducklings from their prison. One-by-one she was able to get each duckling to safety. The other members were right there setting the ducklings free. Not only is Amanda willing to give her time to serving the people of McLean County, but she also exercises her commitment and responsibility to the safety of her town, down to the very last duckling.

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