Illinois Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Helpline

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IN THE WORK PLACEExactly what are you being evaluated on? Sexual Harassment in the workplace is against the law. It's never okay.
IN EDUCATION"If I turn him down, will I lose my A?" It's never okay.

What is Sexual Harassment?

You have a right to be free of sexual harassment in the workplace, housing, educational or business environment.

Sexual harassment is unwanted, deliberate or repeated sexual behavior. Sexual harassment can include the display of sexually suggestive objects, signs, magazines, or pictures, or the sending sexually suggestive emails or text messages to persons who do not want this attention.

Sexual harassment can also be a subtle or direct requirement that a sexual or social relationship is part of your job, your housing, or your educational performance. For example, making any part of your job (such as wages, promotions, references or working conditions), any part of your housing (such as your rent, your security deposit or lease renewal), or any part of your educational performance (such as grades, honors, course work, or scholarships) contingent on submission to the sexual behavior.