Boilers and Pressure Vessel Rule Board


The Boiler and Pressure Vessel board formulates and enforces rules and regulations for safe and proper construction, installation, repair, use, and operation of boilers and pressure vessels in the state.

Board Members from left to right: Patrick Polick, Interim Chief Inspector, George Galanes, Eric Davis, James Coates, Edward Hoveke, Chairman, and Prentiss Carter

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Retirement Announcement

Retirement Plaque.jpg

Mr. John Riel ended a long career as a Local One Boilermaker a couple years back. He served in all capacities of the trade which included Journeyman Welder to General Foreman, Union Dispatcher to Business Manager.  He had for years selflessly trained new members for the Great Lakes Apprenticeship Program. He now has officially resigned from his position on the Illinois Boiler Board. His industry knowledge and expertise will be greatly missed. We thank him for all his contributions and wish him well in his retirement.

People in photo, left to right:
Patrick Polick, Interim Chief Inspector; John Riel, Retired Board Member; Edward Hoveke, Chairman

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